June 4, 2023

Red tart cherries Deliver Fruit’s Health Benefits Tart Cherry Gel Speeds Relief of Muscle Fatigue

Regular exercise is a necessary part of staying fit and living long, healthy lives, say the experts.  Whether it’s walking, golfing, cycling, competing in team sports or working a physically-demanding day job, exercise is essential but can result in muscle fatigue and soreness at any age.

Take Patty, an elementary school teacher by day and an avid gardener and busy grandmother the rest of the time.

“When spring arrives and it’s time to turn over the flower beds and transplant perennials it means plenty of bending, lifting and stooping,” says the 58-year old Michigan resident.  “That’s when I find muscles I didn’t even know I had.  CherryFlex is a natural fruit product, without preservatives and additives, and it makes all I do a whole lot more comfortable.”

Red tart cherries seem to do good

Red-Tart-CherriesCherryFlex ProSport Shots are an extra strength tart cherry gel in a tear pouch designed for people on-the-go and it is the newest product to be introduced by fruitfast.com, producers of the popular CherryFlex family of healthy “made from whole fruit” products.

Bob Underwood, a northern Michigan fruit farmer for 40 years, is the developer of the extra strength ProSport Shots exclusive process that maintains the synergistic characteristics of this dark skinned healthy fruit.  “ProSport Shots are made from USA grown, Grade A Montmorency red tart cherries, including the skin and pulp,” said Underwood.  “The fact that the fruit, the process, the manufacturing and the packaging is all American grown, developed and produced is very important to our company.  CherryFlex reflects our mission of promoting healthy living.”

Created for children, adults, seniors, professional athletes and for active people everywhere, CherryFlex ProSport Shots contain all the traditional benefits of Grade A whole fruit red tart cherries.  The natural, preservative-free tart cherry gel is great tasting and is a member of the super fruit family known for its antioxidants— offering timely relief for exercise-induced muscle fatigue and soreness.

CherryFlex ProSport Shots also

  • Support a healthy cardiovascular function *
  • Help maintain a healthy or normal sleep cycle *
  • Support a healthy immune system *
  • Guards the body against free radicals *
  • Are NOT an extract or dried powder pill

CherryFlex ProSport Shots(red tart cherries) are available in boxes of 20 individual tear pouches, retailing for $24.95 a box.

Other CherryFlex products are CherryFlex Softgel Capsules, CherryFlex Liquid Fruit Supplement, CherryFlex Fruit Bars and CherryFlex for Dogs.   All these and other quality fruit products are available online at www.cherryflex.com or by calling toll free 1.877.591.3101.


FruitFast is the exclusive producer of whole fruit softgel capsules including CherryFlex, Wild BlueberryIQ, Wonderful Pomegranate, and CherryFlex ProSports Shots.  The nutraceutical and functional food company www.fruitfast.com also produces a variety of condensed super fruit liquids and fruit supplement bars made from 100% fruit.  All products can be ordered online or call toll free (1.877.591.3101) Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT.

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