March 2, 2024

With more people turning to natural and organic ingredients, home treatments for acne are becoming increasingly popular. Home acne treatments have a few advantages including knowing exactly what has gone into the product one uses to cure and prevent breakouts. It is also possible to make common household items do double duty thus saving money on potentially expensive treatments that may or may not react well with the skin. The biggest drawback to home acne remedies is that they are usually not tested for their effectiveness.

For instance, lemon is commonly used in home treatments for acne. It is not used with any other ingredient but simply applied to the affected area. Also, it has also had proven results with its acid and vitamin C content. Those with sensitive skin should dilute the lemon with mint fresh mint leaf juice. Mint juice is also used on its own in home treatments for acne by simply applying it to the affected area after thoroughly washing.

Brave souls can also use garlic for natural acne cure. Rubbing the area with garlic a few times a day is known as a cure for the roughest cases of acne. Other home acne treatments include coriander juice mixed with turmeric powder as well as paste made from fenugreek leaves. Cucumbers are not only good for the complexion but also used as home treatments for acne.

Adopting good eating habits is also among natural acne treatments. One of these natural treatments for acne is an all fruit diet for a week. Afterward, the user should take on a well-balanced diet to make sure these natural acne remedies are affective. Following such natural acne cure also means avoiding some foods such as those that are refined and processed. These are home treatments for acne that cleanse the body from the inside, so they take a while to show results.

One can also try other natural acne treatments such as a bath in Epsom salt. This method can work for all kinds of acne conditions. Whether using zinc or an orange peel, these treatments should be used as carefully as any synthetic treatment in order to not cause any undue damage to the skin. If applied properly, these home treatments for acne just may get rid of breakouts and prevent future ones while leaving the skin renewed.

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