April 24, 2024

How often do you eat? I know that when I was lifting a lot of weights a few years back I tried to eat every 2 hours, actually it was a bit of a race to see how many meals a day I could eat.

I am a little more responsible now ass far as eating is concerned. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then stuff snacks between each meal and then have an evening snack.

To be sure I may not be eating enough protein as I try to push but each of those meals that i eat I try to keep smaller than the average meal is.

Another good reason to break up your meals is because your body can only take and process so much food in a single sitting.

By spacing out your meals you will be able to make the most of the food that you eat.

The best way to size up your meals is to look at what you would eat in your three meals and then split all of that food up into six meals. These meals may seem small but in fact you are eating more often so your body will not be as hungry as you start the next meal.

Now that you are eating smaller meals more often I can let you in on the best reason to eat like this. If you are trying to lose you will be happy to know that your metabolism will be kicked into overdrive by eating meals so often.

Your body that may be all screwed up as far as knowing what starvation is or is not will now have a much more balanced blood sugar level.

If you would like to see some examples of smaller meals I know that the Diet Blog had a great article on 300 calorie meals.

1 thought on “Spacing out your meals

  1. I agree with you Bill. Eating small meals per days instead of eating the usual will definitely help. Then when you’re used to eating small meals, you can start replacing these meals into much healthier snacks or even fruits. Dark chocolates are also a good addition especially if you have a sweet tooth.

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