April 21, 2024

We all want immediate results, instant satisfaction, but it does not always come to us the way we would like.

Your mind has to be aligned with the goals that you want. Your eating has to align with the goals that you want. And finally your exercise and fitness has to align with the goals that you want.

Don’t give up today or tomorrow because success isn’t here yet. Just persevere and do all the right things, treat your body well so that every day you feel better than the day before.

stop loooking for immediate results

3 thoughts on “Stop Looking for Immediate Results

  1. Nowadays, people just expect instant gratification for every action they take.
    Everything around us has been sped up dramatically over the last decades, so we don’t have a lot of patience anymore…
    That’s why I find it very valuable to use gamification priciples (like these step counters with high score tables) to keep you motivated along the way!

  2. This is my favorite saying:
    “The problem didn’t develop overnight, and it’s not going away overnight.”
    I can’t tell you how many people drop out of a healthier way just because three days later, they didn’t magically transform into someone eligible for a beauty pageant.

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