March 5, 2024

One of my buddies at work is trying to get ready for baseball season and he is really not in very good shape right now. Last week he told me that he wanted to lose 20 pounds for baseball season and asked for some advice.

Obviously I have a page on that….

That goal is a bit tough for anyone. Doctors say you should only try to lose a pound or two a week but sometimes you get excited and quest for more.

But more importantly than having that grand goal we talked about a few other things. I believe that when you are making changes you want to be all in but you don’t want to hurt yourself or feel like you failed if you get hurt. Biggest Loser is a TV show not a lifestyle choice.

So this is what I told him, as well as that article.

1. Stretch lots – Stretching helps your flexibility and stops you from getting sore
2. Drink enough water to drown you – This will give you a lot of energy and when you sweat a lot you won’t feel sick from dehydration
3. Don’t sacrifice too much – If all you are eating is brocolli and chicken breasts and exercising 3 hours a day then after a few days you will give up. Instead make the right moves. East better, cut back on the junk and alcohol, and exercise a little bit every day

Remember the best road to real success is to make consistent and daily moves towards your goals.

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