April 21, 2024

Just wanted to shoot out a quick email today to give you a maybe tough but really important weekend task.

After a long Summer of fun and vacations I am back online and at the gym hard and heavy. Personally I have been looking this Summer at what works, what motivates people and what makes the difference between success and failure. And wanted to share a bit of that with you today.

You probably know exactly what I am talking about. You start a workout plan, or a diet, or a job search and after a few days you lose interest. It is not only disappointing but I think it weighs down on you the next time you try something new or challenging and right off the bat wonder if YOU can in fact achieve.

How I once Quit Smoking

I remember back when I smoked cigarettes it was the same thing. You try to quit and after a few days nothing seems to have changed and you lose interest. Eventually some trigger in your brain switches and you succeed. It happened to me w2hen I quit smoking, that was a lot of years ago but just want to tell a bit about that story.

I would quit and start, cut down and start, research the best methods and quit and start. Nothing worked and I hated myself for failing. The real change that came was when I just decided that quitting was not important but changing my life was.

So here we are entering the weekend after labor day and I have to wonder if you are looking back on your Summer like me and getting ready for the fall and Christmas (107 shopping days left).

What You Have to Do Now

So maybe this weekend, or even today look longer out. I am sure you do not want to get in shape or lose for a dress, some clothes, or to run through the malls faster and more effectively. Look deep down instead, what is your real motivator? Once you have a motivator then sacrifice is not sacrifice. Skipping a chocolate bar, going to a gym, grabbing a smoothie instead of a hamburger is a lot easier.

I started my blog and these posts years ago just to help people get in better shape and it has turned from trying to help 100 people to now being something that consumes me. I know why I do this and wake up in the morning wondering how I can affect the lives of more people. I want to know how I can help you. But first, look deep and see what you really want.

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