October 1, 2023

All milk is Pasteurized right? The reason for this to me has always been because any bad bacteria could be quickly boiled out of the milk and make it more healthy.

Well today that idea of why milk is Pasteurized has been changed to me. There is a dark history that led to the Pasteurization of milk that Kim at Whole Food Nation has let me know about.

It seems that raw milk (unpasteurized milk) is better for us if it is from a place where the cows are let to roam more freely and allowed also to eat better hay. Watch the video above and find out some great and interesting facts.

I have also found another great site that talks about Raw vs. Pasteurized milk. Check this out for more info.

I have not drank milk nearly as often over the last few years which many will say is bad and many will say is good. I even had a girlfriend once years ago that when asked if she wanted milk told me that she had already been weaned as a child.

I am sure this will bring out many people from the pro-milk as well as the anti-milk camps.

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