April 12, 2024
Twitter for fitness
Twitter for fitness

I wrote this Twitter for fitnessĀ  a couple years ago but just wanted to remind everyone to follow me on Twitter for more fitness tips


I have decided to start something that is a little different just as an experiment. I will keep posting here but also will add lots of other links through a twitter account so that anyone using Twitter can get even more value without my regular blog readers being buried in article links from other blogs and news sites.

Twitter for fitness Tips

I have lots of ways to have people follow this blog. Just read it, follow through RSS, signing up for a newsletter, and now Twitter. Using Twitter for fitness

Twitter to me is like an instant messaging or SMS system that sends messages to no one in particular across the internet. The way that Twitter is used is that you sign up and then whenever you find a person who you want to see information from then you “follow” them on Twitter.

Following on Twitter for fitness is just a matter of going to the Twitter site or using a browser plugin to be alerted whenever one of your new friends posts a message, called tweets.

The posts that people make on Twitter are very short, up to 140 characters whereas on a blog you have unlimited space in which to writer long articles or posts. so usually tweets consist of a short comment and perhaps a link.

I have setup a Twitter for fitness account that sends a link out for each of my posts on this blog but also I am going to be sending through links to other interesting articles that just don’t make it onto the blog.

If you want to sign up to Twitter just click the link, you just needĀ  to pick a username and password not even give up and email address. If you are a member already then you can follow Twitter for fitness by clicking “follow” at http://www.twitter.com/fitnessguy

Twitter for Fitness is the place to go for fitness tips.

4 thoughts on “Twitter for fitness tips

  1. I have tons of followers in 4 different niches and not only is it fun… it is financially good too! If u only have one twitter account you won’t need this, but if you plan on more, definitely look into hootsuite~free web based twitter tool~sweet

    And for your wordpress to twitter~look at wp-to-twitter plugin (if not already using)~definitely the best of breed there

  2. You’re smart to start taking advantage of Twitter. You’ll reach an incredible amount of people. I would suggest using a tool like Tweet Deck that will allow you create groups and mark favorites based upon your niche. Also, Mike Filsaime is coming out with a tool called TweetGlide. It’s suppose to rival Tweet Deck so I guess we will see.

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