April 12, 2024

Weight loss and exercise is on the minds of a lot people nowadays; it is one of the key components for losing unwanted and for achieving your fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle, and there are a variety of ways for you to get your daily exercise.

Forget the idea that cutting out fat alone and dieting hard will get you the results you crave to achieve permanent lasting weight loss.

Weight Loss and Exercise

The best way to find a good loss exercise is to consult a dietician or health expert. Effective and healthy loss exercise is based on progressive resistance principle. You should do exercises that you can do without harm to your body, without interruption, with consistency, and with moderate or high intensity for a few minutes at a time, so make it fun and not work.

Nobody wants to be obese or over and exercise is the best way if you really want to get rid off of that stubborn extra fat. The most important thing for loss exercise is simply getting started.

Weight lifting is an important part of any loss exercise because in addition to boosting your metabolism, they also help you develop and tone your muscles; (small children and grandchildren make great weights when you play with them). Some people believe that the second effective loss exercise is the classic squat.

Others believe that the best loss exercise is walking on a treadmill everyday for 30 minutes, or maybe swimming a ton of laps in the pool. I say the best loss exercise is whatever physical activity you enjoy doing.

Get Started By Just Moving Every Day

Weight Loss and Exercise
Weight Loss and Exercise

No, the best loss exercise is whatever gets you up and gets you moving. Just do it everyday.

Remember; not everyone is able to exercise the same amount of time or even the same amount or kind of exercises, so even a little exercise is better than no exercise at all. As low-impact as isometric loss exercise is, always check with your physician before starting a new regimen.

Not everyone is created equally…physically that is, and the lack of daily exercise can cause many health problems, other than just being over . Exercise is also good for your circulation.

So; if you like to play golf, just walk instead of using the golf cart.

Play ball, chase, or play with a hula hoop with your children or grand children every day for about an hour or so, they’ll think you’re cool and will love the time you spend with them, and you will all be getting great exercise.

If you love to dance, turn on the music and dance the night away; if you dance with someone else, then you both get exercise and can enjoy good quality time spent together at the same time.

If you enjoy doing house work, turn on the music and dance around the house as you do your chores.

So, in reality, what would be the best loss exercise for one person, might not work at all for another person because what is best for you is what you love or enjoy doing, and not all people enjoy doing the same things.

If you enjoy or love doing it, then you will do more of it and it will seem more like playtime for you instead of a work out; so, just make it fun and enjoy it!

The bottom line is; loss exercise is an important part of any effective loss program; so, get out there and have some fun. It’ll change the way you look at the world, and loss and exercise can even change your life

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss and Exercise

  1. BTH.. I have never ever had a problem with my as I have always been active adn have quite an atheletic figure. My girlfriend on the other hand went from size 20 to 10 in just under 16 months but the hard work hasn’t stopped there. = ]

  2. I got in pretty decent shape when I started riding my bike to work. It was really fun. In fact, on the days when it rained, and I drove, I would feel lazy and out of shape all day.

  3. I agree. Consistency is the key to a good loss exercise routine. Finding some type of exercise that you enjoy doing everyday so that you do Do It Everyday is more important than torturing yourself with rigorous exercises that you probably would not stick with.

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