April 24, 2024

What gets you motivated to workout, or to eat well? I know that sometimes this is a struggle for me and if I create a habit that makes exercise a part of my day automatically then it will happen.

Today is a very snowy day in Calgary (how many times has that come up on this blog?) and I know that my normal daily schedule tomorrow is going to get thrown off. I like to get on my bike and ride to work but there is no way that I can ride in a foot of snow and will take the bus instead.

Eating is the same way. I have a plan in the morning of exactly what goes into my lunch bag and I know right now that I will be having oatmeal for breakfast, bringing an apple and orange for snacks as well as a coke and chocolate bar and I will be having chicken left over from tonights dinner

Here are some tips to get that motivation that you need if you are struggling.

Plan Ahead Instead Of Motivating Yourself

planningJust as I wrote earlier it is a good idea to plan you evercise and meals ahead of time. If you know that you are going kickboxing every Tuesday night and every morning you are going to get up and ride an exercise bike while watching the news then you will do it.

If you just decide to take things as they come then everything else in life will get in the way.

Make A List Of Your Favorite Kinds Of Exercise

Make a list of all the types of exercise that you like to do. Just because running is good for you is not any good if you do not like running. A list of things that you like to do or want to try will give you a chance to try new things and have a list of what kind of exercise that you will do during the week.

Not only is this a good way to get those new things into your schedule but you will also be a lot more excited when you get to the point of exercising for the day instead of it looking like drugery.

Plan Your Exercise In Short Bursts

We have all seen those lists that work well. Try to park a few blocks from work everyday. Take stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a walk at lunch.

These ways of working out are not easy to start. On Monday morning you make a decision to do these things and then you just do them. On Tuesday you can just dovetail what you did Monday into making Tuesday the same way.

After the first week of doing this you will look forward to that quiet time on your walks, weeling your muscles as you go up the stairs and getting away from the computer at lunch.

The habits that you have in your life now were motivations once as well and if you want to change them then just getting these few things right will just naturally change you lifestyle.

I hate the idea of motivating yourself to do exercise because you mind so often just does not want to agree and then you feel guilty for not doing what you need to do. It is just so much better not to have to motivate yourself with big plans when these little changes will make you much more healthy without much pain.

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