April 12, 2024

In the aftermath of last weeks Biggest Loser finale I have been thinking all week about the magic of motivation and TV shows.

Just in the last few months I have written about the fitness TV shows X Weighted, Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp, and of course lots of Biggest Loser posts. But sometimes I wonder, after the show is watched is there any lasting impact?

As I watch these TV shows I always pick up new tips and I get really motivated by the strength gains and the weight loss of the people on the TV shows.

I will often think about these things afterwards so this week I have been wondering how I can really extend the excitement and feeling of the shows and here is a quick list of how to do exactly that.

Fitness TV Shows and Motivation

last-10-pounds-bootcamp1. When you are watching the fitness television show make some notes. What kind of notes? Well I think that this would be a lot like journaling.

Write down the emotions that you see and feel, how you feel about yourself, what you would give up to reach what these people are reaching, and of course all the tips that you can incorporate now.

2. After the show is over implement something. The trouble with seeing something and then not doing anything about it is that you make this giant list in your mind of what you want to do and the changes that you want to make.

A year ago this list for me was about 100 items long and I did not even realize it until I wrote down every change and ever thing that I wanted to do in my life and realized that there is no place for these things in my head, too much to think about.

3. Put Yourself in the Trainers and the Trainees shoes. We all know deep down what we want and how do do it although sometimes we need to get a bit more detail and specifics for diet and exercise so why not make ourself the expert.

So make your self the trainer for you and picture what you would tell yourself. It can be a bit brutal because you will probably be really aggressive as a trainer and have yourself eating no junk and exercising all day long, but remember you already know most of the answers.

biggest loserA couple of years ago I started this blog as a quick 30 day plan for anyone to get in shape, but almost 700 posts later I have learned far more then I ever knew before I started, just because I looked for more an better ways to help people get themselves in shape.

Do all of these things and you will find that fitness television shows can be more rewarding and you will make much better progress towards your goals.

This plan will also help you to become much better in implementing changes right after you learn them and as we all know making change helps while just thinking about it gets us nowhere.

4 thoughts on “Fitness TV Shows and Motivation

  1. Some excellent advice, It’s easy to watch something and then not stick to it, this has been my problem in the past. Great Info.

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