April 25, 2024

I have been having some trouble sleeping lately and it is a little puzzling to me. I have no stresses in my life that I am waking up with so I am not to concerned and am just chalking it up to some disturbance in my circadian rhythm.

The real problem with not sleeping enough is that it drains your will power, confidence, and energy. When you sleep well you feel great but when you do not sleep enough it is easy to say

“What the hell I deserve to have desert and while I am at it I don’t feel like working out today”

That is dangerous especially at this time of year when, a couple of weeks into the new year, confidence may be waning a bit on that new years resolution to get in better shape and this is the only time that really matters as most people give up in January, not in February so sleep is important so that you can keep pushing yourself over that hump.

If you are having trouble sleeping as well I have written some tips for better sleep.

1 thought on “Sleeping and motivation

  1. Even a small amount of stress can disrupt sleep. You may not even be aware of the anxiety that drives the urge to eat.

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