April 25, 2024

Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training sent this email about what to do to keep yourself motivated to workout even when you don’t feel like it.

There will be days (everyday?) when you don’t feel like doing your workout.

Sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave your office because you feel like there are too many deadlines (but this is when you need a workout the most!).

Sometimes you don’t want to end story time with the kids only to head down to the basement gym.

It even happens to me.

But I knew how I’d feel like a million bucks after the workout.

And in the end, I know I can’t let myself become “soft” and start skipping workouts. I have to lead by example.

But if you are set on achieving a goal, then when it’s workout time, come heck or high water you’ve got to bear down and do the job.

Workout Motivation Tips

1) Reward yourself. Finish your workout and treat yourself to a magazine, a TV show, some extra time with your family, some new songs for your IPOD, or even a little extra time for yourself.

2) Or set up a punishment for missing workouts. Skip the workout, put $20 into a jar to spend on home repairs. Make sure your spouse controls the jar.

3) Review your goals everyday and every night.
Keeping your goals fresh in your mind will help you stay on track.

4) Realize that the hardest part of the workout is often getting your butt to the gym. Once you get 5 minutes into the workout, you will be over the hump. So tell yourself, “I’ll just go in and do 1 set of the first 2 exercises, then I can go”. Next thing you know, you’ll have done the entire workout.

5) Visualize yourself doing a great workout and finishing strong. Get yourself mentally prepared and you will literally have better workouts each time.

6) Crank the tunes. Seriously, nothing motivates like music.

7) Get social support.
If you have a workout partner, you’ll feel like crap if you let them down. Or become accountable to everyone in the Turbulence Training workout forums…if you don’t post your workouts, they’ll track you down and demand to know why you’ve fallen off track! So online or offline, get everyone on your side!

Now get out there and kick the fat to the curb,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

5 thoughts on “Workout Motivation Tips

  1. The reason why I purchased the Dr Max Power Anabolic Stack was because I was too lazy to motivate myself to go back to the gym. I thought to myself, if I spend $60, I can’t waste it by not going.

    Anyways, I was on the stack for a full 15 days. I was able to do much more in the gym such as 5 set exercises instead of the normal 3 set exercises. I was able to lift much more too. There was also a shift in going from 155 to 162 over the 15 day period.

    im on my third cycle fof the stack now over the last 6 months. recommended.

  2. I think out of all of those the one that has had the biggest impact on my workout consistency has been a workout partner. Over the last couple years as I got busier with my job/life I found I was putting off my training more and more. What is even crazier is I worked in a gym for over a year of those busier times!

    Now having that second person I am accountable to has made all the difference in the world. Knowing they are counting on me to get them to the gym the same way I am for them is what has now helped me get to the gym 5 days a week for over a month now. I can’t remember the last time I have done that in the last 8 years of lifting s.

    If you are serious about making a lifestyle change, find someone who is too and share accountability.

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