September 22, 2023

What should I eat? What should you eat? Lets get real about what we are doing to be healthy. This week I want to post a series on eating, sacrificing, and what is stopping us from getting what we want our of our present diet. I get this question from someone almost everyday.

“What should I eat all day?”

The trouble is that we are all built different and I never really know how to answer the question. So I can give guidelines and then let you run with it. Maybe that is not too easy but we can build on it during the week this week.

What should I eat?
What should I eat?

My List to answer “What Should I Eat?”

1. Lean meat – I am a meat eater, if you are a vegetarian then you can roll your eyes and continue on to the next item (I won’t be offended). Meat will give you protein to heal and build muscles and iron which is in short supply by many women and some men as well. Two servings per day is ok.

2.  Vegetables – Here should be the mainstay of your diet. Veggies are great for lots of minerals and all the carbs that you need, also most vegetables are pretty high in water which means that per calorie you are getting lots of nutrients. Four servings a day.

3. Fruits – I love to eat a lot of fruit as well. These are high in the rest of your vitamins and are also super high in water. Fruit is also high in carbs and can give you a replacement to other sugars (candy and chocolate). Four servings a day.

4. Milk and Dairy – Not always sure about this. Here in Canada we have a really strong dairy industry and we all know that we need the calcium for our bones but there are alternatives to milk and cheese. I think a lot of people really like the comfort of dairy though so I put this in my “must eat list”. 2 servings a day.

5. Water – Water is critical. I know that a lot of people say that water is not an important nutrient and I really do not believe this. I have written a lot of pro-water posts in the past and the water that I drink makes a huge difference to the way that I feel. Drink lots of water every day.

So those are what you have to eat. I will be going through the struggles of what to eat and not to eat all week this week so that we can all ground our eating so this is just part one.

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Come back tomorrow and we can talk more about what should I eat as well as not eat



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