November 28, 2023

I am reading the Andre Agassi book “Open” and it is fantastic. I have been a tennis fan since I was a kid and it is nice to see the inside of one of the greatest tennis players that has ever lived.

One of the things that Agassi talks about is something called Gil Water. Gil Water is a water, carb, electrolyte concoction that Andres coach Gil Reyes crated for Agassi to drink in different types from the night before a match to prepare, through the match, and then after the match so that Andre Agassi would be able to play his best and recover from a match.

Also apparently there are two versions. There is something that he would drink for 24 hours before a match to make sure that he was well hydrated and ready to go and then there was another for recovery after a match.

As a pro tennis player in the heat of summer you would easily dehydrate if you are not careful and in most tournaments you will play every day, or nearly every day for a week and that is why I think this recipe for Gil Water would be awesome to find.

I have looked around and cannot find a recipe for this now-famous Gil Water.

Just imagine how it would change your life if you prepared correctly for every workout and training session and then recovered correctly? Most people would not know what this would be like because they have not really tried to look at their workout as one of the central parts of their day but once you do that having Gil Water would be that much more important.

So please someone, give me the recipe.

6 thoughts on “What the heck is Gil Water?

    1. I had never heard of that very interesting. The Gil water that I was writing about though was the one that Andre Agassi wrote about in his biography a few years ago. Actually during the US Open this year there have been a lot of players having to quit because of dehydration so I am thinking they could use some of the magical Gil water that Andre used years back

  1. I just read the book also and I am pretty sure the Gil water is not something we will ever know the contents of. That was a GREAT book!

    1. Sure was. I really like how Andre opened up about all the trouble and success that he had. I have been a tennis fan for so long and this was a really behind the scenes look at the pro tour as well

  2. Isent this cool another person interested in this miracle water. Ive also just finished OPEN. Have you found a recipe that your willing to share? Im 42 and I try to push my self to the limit with my work outs and any thing would help. By the way howd you like the book? Thanks!

    1. Im roxan escuadra i love playing tennis.but time comes that i was dehydrated in the middle of the game.and after a couple of hours past i was rushing down to the the sense of dehydration, low just wondering if how could i own or wanted to know about the gil water recipes.thanks coz i dont want to be dehydrated again.

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