April 21, 2024

How much water to drink? Water is your most important nutrient. Everyone knows that the majority of our body is water. The single most important nutrient in your diet is water. Here are some facts. babies are 70% water, adults are 50-60% water and in breaking your body down, Blood is made up of 83 percent water, bones are 22 percent water, and muscle is 75 percent water. So water is really important. As you exercise and gain with muscle you can see that muscle is mostly water.

Most people do not drink much water if any at all. In fact both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig both have their customers drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day and most people find that they lose 2-10 pounds in the first week on their diet, primarily from the water loss.

How much water to drink

Hydration is a very interesting thing. If you do not drink enough water your body seems to retain it to protect itself, once you start to drink a LOT of water you will find that for the first few days you will be running to the bathroom every hour but your body quickly adapts and you regulate quite well.

When drinking your water you will also find that your concentration gets better and you are more attentive. I have also found a very interesting attitude amongst others around me, when they see you increasing the water in your diet they will in a very condescending tone tell you that yes in fact drinking water is good for you. You are going to see this with many of the new habits that you pick up that people will seem to know these things and sometimes feel guilty to see someone else follow through on them.

One thing you will really find after you discover how much water to drink  is that your energy and concentration will improve by a significant amount as you drink more water on a daily basis.

Finally just one thing that I have found is that I kick start my day by drinking about 3 glasses of my water first thing before I get on my bike to start my day. I think that how much water to drink is up to you and that more is usually better.

6 thoughts on “How much water to drink

  1. Water is very important for loss. However when I try to drink a lot of water I have to frequently visit the bathroom which tends to get irritating especially when I am involved in a job that requires lots of concentration.
    Also when we are working we tend to forget to keep drinking some water. The solution that I use is to always keep a bottle full of water on the desk, so that I can notice the bottle and remember to keep myself hydrated at all times.

  2. i need to lose on my breast and stomack i dont drink much water but i only drink fizzy like coke/7up or orange juice. what is best tip to get rid of.

    1. If it is just the bubbly thing you like you could try seltzer/tonic water or club soda. I like Club Soda with a little bit of juice in it (even though this guy says to stay away from fruit juices)

  3. An excellent summary of the importance of water. If nothing else, drinking water also makes you feel fuller, sooner – which in turn leads you to be less likely to take an extra portion during your next meal. Additionally, a properly hydrated body is able to break down fat cells more effectively. Drink up!!

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