March 5, 2024

A couple of weeks ago the people at the Biggest Loser announced that Dolvett Quince would be joining Anna Kournikova and Bob Harper on the the Biggest Loser this season as one of the new trainers. I had to ask myself who is Dolvett Quince? So I looked around.

Who is Dolvett Quince?

Well Dolvett Quince is a trainer with a personal fitness gym in Atlanta Georgia and after looking around a bit (I love Google) I was able to figure out that he is in fact a very popular person in the Atlanta social scene. Also Dolvett Quince is also the creator of  Me and My Chair – a workout video that is based completely around strengthening and toning your body using nothing but a chair.

Dolvett Quince Training Philosophy

who is Dolvett Quince?
Dolvett Quince

Dolvett is only the 7th trainer in the history of the Biggest Loser so what can we expect from him? In interviews so far Dolvett has said that he will be tough but fair. We can take this to mean I would expect that he will be less intense than Jillian Michaels was but at the same time a very imposing guy in the gym. Being from a personal training 1 on 1 background we should expect him to understand the emotions going through people as they lose a lot of .

“I think in the process of training you develop your muscles and challenge yourself. Those endorphins are being built in your body and that can bring about a lot of emotion and people tend to vent,” he explained.

“During the training process you’ll see a lot of tears, some laughing, even some anger. It’s my job to be there for that person, not only as a trainer but as a friend in a lot of ways.”

Quince added: “That is why it is personal training. You want to be personal with that individual and make sure you are there for them and help them progress and get through those things.”

When do we Get to Meet Dolvett Quince?

Biggest Loser is Back soon. The new season of Biggest Loser is starting just next week on September 20th on NBC with new trainer Anna Kournikova, Dolvett Quince, and Bob Harper. Then we finally get a real answer to who is Dolvett Quince?

2 thoughts on “Who is Dolvett Quince?

  1. Considering he merely stole jack lalanes chair workout from the 60’s and my mother used it and watched him every morning, I hardly think another wannabe god of fitness should receive credit. Research google on jack lalane if you love it so much. Plus he stole harpers techniques the first season.

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