April 12, 2024

It drives me crazy sometimes how people have excuses that are completely unfair and sometimes people don’t even realize it, just accept their thoughts as they are.

I become disappointed in people around me as well as many people that I have heard of around that make excuses, heck I have meant to write this post for a year, so I guess we can all make excuses or let ourselves down sometimes. But this habit of making excuses for ourselves because we really truly believe that we can not do something is a real sad state of mind.

Want some examples of those lies that we tell ourselves?

“I can never lose weight”

“I can’t do exercise”

“I have never had willpower”

“I have always had no energy”

“I’ve never been a fitness person”

“I never knew what to eat”

change your lifeWe tell ourselves things often that are not true because at some point we were told, or told ourselves that we had some kind of limitations. Often these were very clearly defined at one time in our life and we really do not have to live with them anymore

These lies are baggage that only we allow to define us.

There are two problems with these lies. The first problemĀ  is that we use our past as a measure of what we are today. Secondly, we often look at these lies as limiters to our future and this is often not true

How To measure yourself yesterday and tomorrow

If you are to look back at the kind of person that you were last year and who you are today, and how you want to be tomorrow there is often a level of growth that has to happen. Take a look at your goals. Sure we need to make changes to reach those goals, we have to make sacrifices often as well, but we do have to make internal changes. The internal changes that I speak of here are those changes to our expectations of what we can expect from ourselves.

If you want to lose then you need to eat less sure. But you have to learn what kind of exercise that you need to do and you need to learn what you have to eat. These changes alone will give you the confidence that you have control but are the changes that are the basics of what are needed to reach your goals.

What are our limits?

This last question leads to this one as well. What are your limits? What have you told yourself that you can not do just because of who you are? You can see from that loss example above that one of the big changes that needs to be made is education and education for health is as easy as clicking through this blog. There are other lies, lack of energy, weak muscle, willpower, that are just excuses that we can overcome with reframing how we look at ourselves.

The one thing that we can not change is genetics. The trouble with using genetics as an excuse though is that genetics often have very little to do with success and failure in any endeavor. The biggest thing for almost everyone, likely including YOU is a lack of taking action in the direction that you want to go in.

So start thinking today and this evening of where you want to be. Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, move somewhere, get a new job, start a business? Anything that you want that you do not have now can likely be attained by just changing your own internal beliefs.

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