May 18, 2024

You know how awful it feels to have the flu. The shivers, the aches, the runny nose… You can minimize the symptoms and drown yourself in drugs, but you can’t really cure the flu.

With all its potency and technology, modern medicine and holistic medicine alike have yet to find a cure for the disease. All they can do is boost your immunity, diminish your symptoms and let your body take care of it.

flu shot 2015The flu is caused by a virus named influenza. Viruses are very illusive creatures – they infect your cells and live inside them. They cannot truly be killed because they are not even alive – they can only exist as long as there are cells providing them with means for reproduction.

This “immortality” is so true that even your body isn’t able to kill the flu.

The Fight In Your Body

Instead, your white cells kill any infected cells, thus stopping the virus from reproducing. In the meanwhile, other type of cells produce antibodies that link to the virus and stop it from infecting other cells by blocking essential proteins on its surface. Current drugs do the same as these antibodies.

This defense mechanism is why young people often have worse symptoms. Their immune system is far more active and thus their white cell armies flood the respiratory tract, killing all cells in their path. This can lead to death by pneumonia and drowning, the main cause of death by flu.

How to Fight the Flu

But you don’t need to worry. If you provide your immune system with the nutrients it needs by eating healthily (orange juice, anyone?) and you rest your body you will soon have recovered. Your body has an incredible capacity for healing; you just need to give it a chance.

So don’t panic when you hear that “you can’t cure the flu”. It may be true, but you can help your body destroying it and you can take measures to minimize symptoms.

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