What is Circuit training?

What is circuit training? Hot, is the best answer I can give you. There are two main ways to do a workout, you either do cardio to raise your heart rate or you useweights to raise your strength Circuit training is the alternative. Every type of exercise is based on eitherweights or cardio well all except one. Circuit training is a way to do bothweights and cardio in one quick workout.

What is circuit training

When you decide to find out what is circuit training what you do is a series of exercises all in a row with very little time between sets. The best way to do a circuit is to have all of the weights set up ahead of time and then do bench press, lat pulldowns, military press, squats, leg curls and then bicep and tricep extensions, and then rest. When you do one long set like this as a circuit training you want to have next to no rest between sets, this would really turn into one long set. After you have finished this 10 minute or so set you should be really winded and your muscles will be sore. Take a drink and do this long set two more times. The key in circuit training is to hit every major muscle group while doing as many compound exercises as possible.

One important thing to remember is that although you are doing the big set really quickly it is important not to rush through each exercise in your set. Remember these sets should take 10 minutes not five and your muscles need to be really sore by the end of this set. At the end of this all of your muscles should be shaky.

What is circuit training

What is circuit training

Circuit training is incredibly tough to do because you are taxing your muscles and at the same time your are getting winded and have your heart rate really high. What you are going to find when doing circuit training for the first time is that by your third set you are so spent that you have trouble lifting much at all as you are breathing so heavily.

What circuit training is not

Circuit training works well for hitting all of your muscle groups at once but it is really just a way to further confuse your muscles. It is difficult to really make yourself bigger muscle wise when doing circuit training because you do not get a chance to go to exhaustion very quickly with one muscle group and by doing compound muscles you do not get to really isolate those muscles either. What you are going to find is that by doing this type of workout it seems like a bit of a break in your regular schedule, a break is great because when you get back to doing your regular workouts you are going to be that much stronger from the change as well as the rest of not going to real failure.

How often should I do circuit training

How often really depends on your fitness goals. If you are trying to lose fat then circuit training can be done three times a week one or two weeks each month. If you are trying to gain muscle then this is just only for shock and you should not do circuit training more than three times a week one week every three or four months.

There is a loss and exercise gym franchise called Curves for women and as a fitness routine this is all that they do for exercise. As well as Curves there are several loss programs that emphasize circuit training as the extra muscle mass that you gain from these workouts, as well as the recovery period from these workouts burns a lot more calories then just biking or doing weights would on their own.

Trying to find out what is circuit training will be answered in just a month  if you try and you will find yourself spending less time in the gym and be fitter as well.

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