May 25, 2024

There is a real failure out there with the classic basic diet plan. With so much information available on diet and weight loss, I am still not sure why people fail to lose weight. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but it is the magnitude of the mistake that will determine the success or failure of your weight loss plan.

For example, if you make the small ‘mistake’ of eating one burger a week, it won’t make any significant difference in your body . However, if you make the terrible diet mistake I am going to outline in this article, then you have no chance of ever becoming successful at fat loss.

If you’ve ever followed a basic diet plan, this would sound familiar. The process goes this way…

Basic Diet Plan

Basic Diet Plan
Basic Diet Plan

1. You pick up a diet plan that is too strict for any average person

2. This diet plan basically deprives you of almost everything that you enjoy: chips, burgers, pastries, white bread, cakes, biscuits, milk, chocolate, soft drinks, etc. So you have no other option but to throw away all those things from your kitchen. You start following the diet program with all good intentions, and promise yourself that you would never quit it until you have lost weight successfully.

3. You lose a few pounds quite rapidly within the first few weeks. You seem to be happy with your progress when suddenly, one day you realize that you are no longer dropping those pounds! You have hit a weight loss plateau.

4. You become frustrated with your diet plan and with its restrictions. You find it too hard to control your food cravings so you take a peek at your refrigerator and take one bite of your favorite junk food. You say to yourself ‘one bite won’t do much harm’.

5. Slowly however this binge-eating habit spirals out of your control until you find it quite impossible to stay on your diet. You then start shopping for all those junk foods that you had promised not to eat!

6. You get back to your normal lifestyle, start eating junk foods again as before, and gain back all the pounds you had lost! You are back to square one.

Why a Basic Diet Plan Does Not Work

It all started with just one wrong decision on your part: the decision to lose weight rapidly. That decision ultimately sabotaged your weight loss plan. In your quest for fast fat loss, you chose a diet plan that promised the moon but was in no way suitable for you! You tried to make huge changes in your lifestyle all too fast, and ended up achieving nothing.

In case you haven’t realized it already, the best way to lose weight is by making small changes in your lifestyle! That is because small changes are far more practicable and viable than larger ones according to

Make lots of Small Changes Consistently

I have written lots of articles on the blog here that should help you to find these tips I even wrote one about how to lose weight quickly which would be a great place to start.

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