April 24, 2024

I received and email yesterday from Andrea. Andrea was on the X-Weighted TV show and it is going to me on TV this Wednesday night for those of us here in Canada. I thought that the email was insightful and asked for if I could post it here, Andrea agreed:

I was reading some of your articles on X-weighted and just wanted to give you a heads up that on the Wednesday July 9th episode, Binge Buddies, you will see my  formerly flabby butt get kicked by Paul Plakas. Paul was absolutely the best thing to ever happen  to me and he is such a great guy.  Carrie and I (my neighbour, and duo on the show) stayed with Paul for a weekend so that we could attend the launch party for the show and he was so good to us!

If you just give yourself over to him, he will brutally tell you what  you have so needed to hear, but, unlike most other’s he takes you by the hand, completely  invests in you and shows you the way.  In general the people who hate Paul are not ready for the  changes they claim to want to make sooo bad.  Carrie and I agreed that if we got this  opportunity that we would NOT waste a minute, we would take full advantage of all the opportunities we  were given and make Paul proud.  So if you want to watch a great episode, tune in on Weds. and  let me know what you think!!!

In fact I think that it is a great opportunity for someone to get on a TV show and have that pressure of losing weight. Whether the show is Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp, Biggest Loser, or X-Weighted there is an extra sense of pressure to do well and to not give up.

At some point in our fitness endeavors we need to stop thinking that we know everything and to give in to a trainer or some kind of mentor.

Andrea mentions exactly this. Paul Plakas on X-Weighted is an easy going kind of guy but he will never mince words when it comes to working hard and eating right.

Sometimes we will say something like “One donut is fine” Well that isn’t true, you need to know the difference between good and bad and be honest when we cheat.

Living with the consequences of our actions is difficult but a trainer can let you know what is true and what is a lie that we tell ourselves.

I am really looking forward to the show Wendesday Andrea!

5 thoughts on “Andrea on X-Weighted

  1. Hi Im Carrie, Andrea’s duo partner on Xed, and Andrea hit the nail on the head! If you don’t want to be brutally told what you need to do and how to do it then don’t opt for a trainer or experience as this. This was the best thing that could ever happen to me and took full advantage. Not many people get this opportunity so when you do, give it your all! This was what I needed to get me in shape and on track and now know what hard work it takes to meet your loss goals. I am thankful to have been given the chance to prove that normal people can and will do it, all it takes is a little dedication!!

  2. Check out the book “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain, and also “Eat Right for your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Certain foods react differently on different people, based on their blood type, not all people are alike. America is addicted to wheat and it is killing us. Wheat in the form of bread and pasta acts as a poison in the body for most people, which then puts the toxins into fat to protect itself. This fat can’t be used normally as energy. So we become fatter and fatter. Don’t give up, you have so much determination. You will make it, as soon as you find a life plan that is right for you as an individual. Just get healthy, both emotionally and physically. You can do it!!

  3. I really like xed ~ and Paul is great and so is the self esteem specialist. the show is so canadian ~ I love that! I find it so inspiring and heart warming and I am truly inspired by the end of each episode and believe that I can do it!


  4. Different personalities are driven by different motivators.
    Only the bravest decide to go as public as Andrea and Carrie and for this alone they deserve to benefit from their experience on X-Weighted.
    For the more private of us, the value of a mentor or personal trainer can still be worth the investment. Self starters who’ve just ‘fallen off the wagon’ are likely to just need a buddy to keep them honest. Losing and keeping it off is really a matter of ‘horses for courses’. Good luck gals!!!

  5. I missed the show last night 🙁 Anyway I just looked on the Slice network website and see that it will be on again on Saturday and Sunday this week.

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