April 24, 2024

I got the following Question by email last week and it really struck a cord within me. I know that people are always trying to improve themselves and often it is a pretty difficult thing to do. I have trouble just like you and it is time that we all bare our souls and admit that yes, it is tough, and yes I will continue to push myself.

Here was the email.

I was just wandering how do you stay on the wagon as I call it. I will exercise for a few days and eat healthy but then one morning I will wake up and I am just eat something I shouldn’t for breakfast and then it ruins my day because I feel guilty about it and then I don’t exercise for a few days or go back into my bad eating habits.

This is all results in me gaining wight back and then I have to start all over again. Please help.


Here was my response.

I fall off the healthy wagon too, and often. The thing is that a bad breakfast or a snack at night does not other me as a real failure. I make sure that whenever I eat something bad I know that I have already done a lot of good things.

So if I have a chocolate bar I know that I am eating and exercising everyday and doing the right things so I am not feeling guilty for the bad stuff that I eat.

I think the most important thing to do is to make sure that you are building lots of good habits so that they will outweigh the bad  mistakes. I find that people beat themselves up way to much for the things that they do wrong and because of this acceptance for the guilt or feeling bad about the guilt that they use this as an excuse not to move forward.

Make sure that you are doing the right things all the time so that when you slip up you will not worry so much about it and know that you are still moving forward.

I hope this helps

Do you agree?

Do you fight your own head and heart, wanting to get in the gym and eat better and feel like you have failed everytime that you cheat or miss a workout?

Don’t do it!

There is always another meal and another workout. Make sure you always do your best so that when you do mess up once in a while you do not dwell and beat yourself up about it.

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