April 23, 2024

It is really important to surround yourself with success. As excited as we get in life it is always a struggle at some points.

I know that when I am riding my bike in June it is like a dream but in December, not so much. So make sure that you have support all over the place.

How To Find Support For Your Success

So how do you support yourself with success? Mostly from reading and seeing stories about other people that have done what you want to do.

If you want to lose then go to Amazon and don’t look for the newest hottest diet book but instead look for books and stories about people that have lost weight. You know that these people didn’t just lose easily, they had setbacks just like you will have and they will have written about how they coped with these setbacks.

support.jpgYour friends are also a great inspiration to help you get stronger and improve your confidence. Have you figured out yet that this post is all about confidence being the key to success.

Success Is Rooted In Teamwork


Choose your friends and coworkers that you hang out with carefully. Make sure that everyone around you is going to nourish your confidence and be very ready and eager to receive praise from people about your changes and your success

One of the big reasons that I am such a fan of the Biggest Loser TV show is not just to see competition, or fitness tips, or diet tips. The biggest reason I watch the Biggest Loser is to watch success stories in action.

See the elation as someone gets one step closer to their goal.

See the tears as someone has a bad week or feels their dream slipping away.

All of the people on the Biggest Loser TV show win in the end but the struggle is always there and it is incredibly motivating.

The flip side of having people and things to support you is of course to avoid things, events and people that will sabotage your goals and dreams. If you are hanging around and viewing a lot of negativity then your subconscious will fall back into your old destructive way of thinking.

What Kind Of People Are Bad?

Those that are trying to sway you, “Ice cream is OK every now and then” or “You worked out to much this week, take the weekend off and go out with us”.

Also situations like buffets or bars and nightclubs can be bad things that will grind down your will power as opposed to building it up and making your more confident in your goals

So today try surfing around and find the stories of people losing and getting healthy. Find these role models that will help you through the tough times as well as help you get better with their success.

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