January 29, 2023

Well don’t know what to call this as we are so many seasons in but Biggest Loser 2011 seems good?

Anyway we are about three episodes in to the new season I guess and there has been lots of interesting drama and Biggest Loser 2011 has been fun to watch for the first time in a while for me, maybe just my motivation but I am liking it.

Trainers on Biggest Loser 2011

Biggest Loser 2011 Trainers
Biggest Loser 2011 Trainers

This season we have our old standby Bob Harper but also we have two new trainers; Dolvett Quince and Anna Kournikova. We knew what to expect from Bob Harper and he has been tough and successful but he seems to be letting the new trainers get lots of attention as well.

Dolvett Quince – Dolvett has been a great trainer and a great character. He seems to be a great trainer and super tough, pushing all of his team really hard in the gym and not giving them a chance to slack off but listening to what their bodies are saying and not their whining or mental weakness.

Out of the gym Dolvett Quince has been really great with his team. Teaching nutrition, being excited for the future, being a friend and confidante and making sure that the team members understand that he is there for them. Can you tell that I am a big fan of Dolvett Quince?

Anna Kournikova – I never understood why Anna Kournikova would be a coach on Biggest Loser 2011 but now we get to see after a few episodes how she thinks, coaches, and brings to the Biggest Loser as a trainer.

Poor Anna Kournikova got saddled with the older people which through testosterone dropping in peoples bodies as they grow older makes her job really really tough. Not fair Biggest Loser producers! Anyway to be honest I don’t tink that in the gym Anna shows a lot of emotion, she does not take crap but her team has to follow her direction and she got a couple of whiny people right out of the gate. So far Anna’s team has lost two people but really I think her emotional attachment is her greatest strength and over time (she is not an experienced trainer) will be her increasing knowledge of training others and her background of success that she can communicate.

My Favorite Biggest Loser 2011 contestants

I am enjoying watching all the people of nthe Biggest Loser thins season. I tend to find that early in the season it is hard to follow everyone so I just watch passively and start cheering later in the season. Here are the people that I have really noticed so far.

Antone – Antone is a whiny bitch when he is working out. I love watching him push and push and cry and then take it up a notch. This guy is great and does not give up. With all hiw I expect that Antone will od well this season and I look forward to watching more of his backstory as well being a former pro athlete


Jennifer – Jennifer is just plain fun and gets really excited about the weigh ins which is pretty important. Being in the background on TV I think that she tends to see things from the outside so she will be able to play the mental game well later on. Fun to watch and she keeps losing which is great to see.


Mike – Mike lost big this week, 17 pounds I think and being a teacher and football coach he knows what it takes and I always see him working hard and not complaining, just quiet in the background on Annas team.




Ramon – When I first saw that a tattoo artist would be on I cringed. I have no tattoos but my wife has plenty and we watch those tattoo shows and they are cocky bastards. Ramon is not. What a lovable guy, fun, outgoing, and a great friend to everyone when they let him.



The only problems that I find with Biggest Loser 2011 are the same complaints I have had for years. Recaps after commericals (chubby people don’t have memory NBC?), obvious product placements, and especially the scripted way that each episode is setup, same as every year since the show began.

How about you? What are your highlights so far? I am thinking that this season Biggest Loser 2011 will be a good one although they still need to change things up with the staleness of the shows setup.

3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser 2011

  1. well if they are a loser then they would have no friends or if soemone bullys then thats what is a bully but also it is very funny watching some one get beat up because that are a nerd or some kind thats what i think

  2. Jennifer getting voted off is an absolute tragedy….she was a wonderful person and well on her way to the goal that she had set. Vinny…..you’re an A*@. Jennifer….Congratulations on your dress and please keep reaching for the stars and keep smiling….for 6 weeks you brightned my living room with your beautiful smile and I can only hope that you reach whatever star you are grasping for because in my opinion you certainly deserve them all…..I will truly miss your smile…..Kentucky

  3. I really dont like this season’s Battle of the Ages concept. It truly is geared so that the old team is set up to lose. Last nights challenge in the weather, c’mon, you could have given the Sr’s hoverrounds and they still would have lost.
    You guys can and should do better next season

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