May 18, 2024

Tonight is the first episode of the newest Season of Biggest Loser 2014. Are you going to be watching tonight? I know that I am but my wife says she will pass.

Lots of big changes in the Biggest Loser world with Jillian Micheals having leaft the show. And a couple of new trainers Jennifer Widerstrom and Jessie Pavelka joining Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince.

I never know how to title up these seasons, I cam calling this Biggest Loser 2014 but NBC calls it Biggest Loser Season 16. We will see what name sticks for us I guess

Biggest Loser 2014 Contestents

Jordan Alicandro

Jordan Alicandro Starting weight 323 pounds
A lifelong baseball enthusiast who played the sport for 13 years, Jordan Alicandro started gaining weight after a torn ACL prevented him from pursuing his dream of becoming the next Ken Griffey, Jr.

Growing up in Kent, Washington, he was the middle child of three in his family.

He wants to lose weight so he can be an active father and play sports with his son. Once he gets healthy, Alicandro looks forward to resuming physical activities like hiking, mountain biking and hopefully training for American Ninja Warrior.


Rondalee Beardslee

Rondalee Beardslee Starting weight 280 pounds
Rondalee Beardslee says the day she had to shop in the plus-size department because nothing in regular sizes fit her anymore was the day she knew she needed to change her life.

Beardslee was born in Saginaw, Michigan, grew up with two older brothers in Chesaning, Michigan and now resides in New Lothrop, Michigan.

Struggling with weight her whole life, Beardslee was athletic in high school but still overweight.

She looks forward to being able to wear a bikini and a little black dress and, one day, to participate in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.


Blake Benge

Blake Benge Starting weight 251 pounds
Blake Benge has struggled with weight her entire life, except for a period in high school when she got her weight down to 138 pounds. She was born and raised in Redlands, California, the youngest of three children.

Benge played high school soccer and also participated in track and cheerleading. Her soccer coaches called her The Freight Train on the field, and her soccer team won the division championship in 2010.

Once she loses the weight, she looks forward to feeling confident, being happy, looking good in her clothes and wearing a bikini.


Woody Carter

Howard Woody Carter Starting weight 398 pounds

It was the tragic loss of his wife to cancer recently that led Howard Woody Carter to The Biggest Loser. He promised he would get healthy so that he could always be there for their two daughters and two sons, ages 18-29, as well as their three grandchildren.

Carter was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Las Vegas with three younger sisters. He played football through high school and was MVP as defensive lineman, as well as being MVP of his junior high school swim team and winning a state championship in wrestling.

I know what I have been though in life has prepared me for all obstacles, he says. He looks forward to being healthy enough to one day run a marathon.



Toma Dobrasavljevic Starting weight 336 pounds
Toma Dobrosavljevic was born in South Chicago to Serbian immigrant parents and raised with an older sister in nearby Addison, Illinois. In high school, Dobrosavljevic played football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, basketball and soccer.

Soccer was his favorite sport and the one in which he excelled. After high school, he continued to play soccer in the most competitive league in the Chicago area.

He says, I won’t be defined by how I got here, but where I’m going. Once he loses the weight, he hopes to be able to try out for a professional soccer team.


Zina Garrison

Zina Garrison Starting weight 263 pounds
Zina Garrison has been a tennis superstar for most of her life. She grew up the youngest of six siblings in Houston, Texas and started playing tennis at age 10.

She won both the Wimbledon and U.S. Open junior titles and was ranked the world’s No. 1 junior player. Garrison went on to become a women’s singles runner-up at Wimbledon in 1990, a three-time Grand Slam mixed doubles champion and women’s doubles gold medalist and singles bronze medalist at the 1988 Olympic Games.

Zina says, I love to see people reach their dreams. Now it is my time again.


Rob- Guiry

Rob Guiry Starting weight 483 pounds
At 26 years old, Rob Guiry says, I always wanted to get healthy, but didn’t feel that I could. Now at 483 pounds, he says, I am ready to get it done!

Guiry was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised with two younger siblings in New Jersey. He played football in high school and also participated in soccer, wrestling and basketball. After high school,

, Guiry says it’s the perfect time to lose weight, and he looks forward to dating more, playing rugby, biking, skydiving, going on roller coasters and participating in Tough Mudders.


Gina Haddon

Gina Haddon Starting weight 242 pounds
A Texas girl raised in the tradition of Friday night football games, Gina Haddon was a middle school cheerleader who continued to coach cheer for eight years after high school.

Born in Dallas and raised in nearby Garland, Texas, she grew up with an older sister who was her idol. Haddon says, My whole life,

I have always been the bigger girl, and then in high school when I was 15 or 16, I was the fat girl.

She looks forward to losing the weight so she can wear regular-size clothing and enjoy activities with her family, such as mountain bike riding, kite boarding, water skiing and snow skiing.


Lori Harrigan-Mack

Lori Harrigan-Mack Starting weight 301 pounds
Lori Harrigan-Mack is a three-time Olympic gold medal winner in softball and is in four Hall of Fames – three as an individual (for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and ASA/USA softball) and one as a team member (2004 Olympic team in the Olympic Hall of Fame).

She also pitched the first ever no-hitter in Olympic history.

Once the weight is off, she looks forward to buying jeans that look and feel good, walking up stairs without being out of breath and keeping up with her son without getting tired.




Vanessa Hayden


Vanessa Hayden Starting weight 366 pounds

Though Vanessa Hayden struggled with her weight through the years, she was never overweight until she retired from the WNBA in 2010.

The 6’4 basketball star, who was born in Orlando, Florida, is the third child and was raised by her grandmother with her three cousins and two brothers.

She is engaged and wants to get healthy so she can be there for her seven-year-old daughter and one-year-old son.

Her daughter has expressed an interest in sports, and Hayden looks forward to teaching her the game of basketball after she loses the weight.


Sonya Jones

Sonya Jones Starting weight 283 pounds
Sonya Jones says her biggest motivation for going on The Biggest Loser is to lose weight, get healthy and feel good about herself. Though she’s been overweight her whole life, finding out recently that she was borderline diabetic was a real wake-up call.

She has never been in a long-term relationship and hopes to enter into one once she loses the weight.

She also looks forward to everything from being able to comfortably bend over to tie her shoes to jogging and traveling more, as well being a good role model as PE teacher to the kids in her district.


Chandra Maple

Chandra Maple Starting weight 341 pounds
Former basketball standout Chandra Maple says, I know it was time to lose weight when I realized I couldn’t play basketball with my sister or the girls that I coach.

Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, and raised in Dodge City, Maple was the middle child of three.

She played basketball in high school and was named MVP her freshman year. In addition, Maple also won the state softball championship three years in a row.

Maple is hoping to lose weight so she can keep the promise she made to her family to get healthy. She also looks forward to becoming a better role model to the girls on her basketball team and is eager to get back on the court and compete again.


Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller Starting weight 386 pounds
Matthew Miller has struggled with weight on and off throughout his life. He was born in Branson, Missouri, and grew up in Grove, Oklahoma with four brothers. He fought childhood obesity, weighing 205 pounds in the fifth grade.

Miller got very fit and active in high school, placing second in the state in wrestling his freshman year. He was also named all-star in high school football, but nerve damage in his neck caused him to stop playing.

I want to ask my longtime girlfriend to marry me and start a bright future together after getting healthy and returning to the same weight I was when she fell in love with me. He also looks forward to being able to ski again, go boating, tubing, biking and to run a mile without stopping.


Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell Starting weight 366 pounds
Scott Mitchell was a standout athlete growing up, excelling in football and setting the course for his impressive career in the NFL.

He was born in Salt Lake City and grew up in Springville, Utah with three older sisters. After attending the University of Utah, Mitchell played 12 seasons in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.

Scott wants to be there for his family and is ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle. When he loses the weight, he says he wants to look amazing in clothes and be physically active.


Emmy-Lou Munoz

Emmy Lou Munoz Starting weight 260 pounds
At 32 years old and 260 pounds, Emmy Lou Munoz is a married mother of two whose primary motivation for going on the show is to get fit so she can be active with her children.

She says, In 2011, when I could not catch my then four-year-old son, I knew I needed to change my life.

She looks forward to losing the weight and being a healthier role model for her children, rejoining the co-ed softball league in her community and, one day, running a half marathon.


Mike Murburg

Ike Murberg Starting weight 399 pounds
Mike Murburg says a promise he made to his son, Ehren, who tragically died at age 20 during Special Forces training in 2008, is his reason for coming on The Biggest Loser.

His son always wanted him to lose weight and now he is ready to fulfill that promise.

After he and his wife divorced, life as a single parent of two children took its toll on his health and weight.

His health declined further in the face of overwhelming grief after the loss of his son. Now 58 years old and 399 pounds with diabetes and high blood pressure, Murburg is ready to get healthy and looks forward to fitting in his kayak again, skiing and hiking.


JJ OMalley

John JJ O’Malley Starting weight 392 pounds
John JJ O’Malley, who was born in Chicago and lives in Arizona with his three younger siblings, remembers always struggling with his weight despite an active lifestyle.

The son of a national judo champion, O’Malley started playing sports at a young age and holds a blue belt in judo.

Now 22 years old and 392 pounds with sleep apnea, O’Malley is eager to shed the weight and looks forward to going clothes shopping, vacationing and living a healthy, active lifestyle.


Jackie Pierson

Jackie Pierson Starting weight 291 pounds
Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Jackie Pierson is the oldest of five children in her family.

She was a high school basketball player who won multiple MVP, All-City and All Star awards, was captain of her team when they won the state championship and was named MVP for that game.

Now 36 years old and 291 pounds, the married mother of two wants to lose weight so she can be there for her two daughters, ages two and five. She wants to help her daughter with potential weight problems, and she also hopes to take what she learns on the ranch back to her Native American community to inspire others to make healthy changes.


Andrea Wilamowski

Andrea Wilamowski Starting weight 244 pounds
Andrea Wilamowski was motivated to try out for the show because, she says, For the first time in over 20 years, I want to do something for me.

I want to look and feel beautiful again for my family, my co-workers, and most importantly, for me.

Wilamowski looks forward to doing simple things like crossing her legs like a lady, being active in sports again and buying some sexy clothes once she gets healthy.

I want to show women in general and my team that I can do this. I am turning my life around – and if I can do it, anyone can.


Damien Woody

Damien Woody Starting weight 388 pounds
Damien Woody was an NFL football player for 12 years and a two-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots.

He played for the Patriots from 1999-2003, the Detroit Lions from 2004-2007 and the New York Jets from 2007-2010.

Once he loses the weight, Woody looks forward to living a long healthy life with his wife and kids and also looks forward to clothes shopping at other places besides Big & Tall stores.

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