February 28, 2024

Tonight we get the second episode of the Biggest Loser for this season. Did you watch the premiere of Biggest Loser 2016 last week?

I know that the show has changed a lot over the years but this season is a lot different than any other. Bob Harper is the host now with Allison Sweeney moving on.

Dolvett Quince and Jennifer Widerstrom are the coaches with Jessie Pavelka joining them as well.

biggest loser 2016

Bob Harper seems to be taking a much more supporter role so far this season and I always liked him as a coach so we will see how this transition is.

I think that the first episode was a little slow and obviously looking to suck us in with a lot of emotion.

I guess we will see tonight how the season really continues. I am looking forward to it

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