March 28, 2023

Have you seen the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0049POHK6″ locale=”US” tag=”calputerbusin-20″]Biggest Loser armband[/easyazon_link]? I had noticed this about three seasons or so ago and had to google to find out what it was but it is actually kinda neat.

You have seen this armband I am sure. It is a piece of equipment that allows people to track at all times what kind of workout output they are really doing as well as be able to track all of this on a computer.

The contestants on the The Biggest Loser use the bodybugg armband, which measures the number of calories that they burn, aiding in their loss efforts.


The Bodybugg, a device about the size of an MP3 player, is worn on the upper arm and tracks the calories burned by the wearer with 92% accuracy.

The bodybugg program is the product of the Apex Fitness Group, a division of 24 Hour Fitness which is of course one of the show’s primary sponsors.

“To lose weight, burn more calories than you eat.” says Rich Fahmy, Director of Fitness and Education for the Veritas Fitness Group, a Southern California based fitness education and consulting company.

“If you’re wearing a Biggest Loser armband bodybugg, you actually have an accurate number for calories burned, which until now has been unheard of outside of a lab.

So, eat fewer calories than it tells you that you are burning and you’ll lose weight.simple math.” He adds, “We believe in the product so much that it is a part of all of our fitness coaching programs for consumers, corporations, and healthcare patients.

Biggest Loser Armband

This seems to be a next logical step from what we have used in the past which would be the counters that are not really accurate on a treadmill or bike and pedometers which are as well inaccurate.

The best way that you can think about tracking with the Biggest Loser armband compared to some other method are the following:

  • Your weight
  • Your total amount of calories burned in a day
  • Your core metabolic rate

The real problems that we have now is that all you can really track is the number of calories that you are burning while working out and usually equipment just guesses your , adding to the inaccuracy. The Bodybugg keeps a running total lets you know how many calories you have burned for the day.

Is the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0049POHK6″ locale=”US” tag=”calputerbusin-20″]Biggest Loser armband[/easyazon_link]¬†good for you? You are the only one that can answer that question but to me it seems like this makes a lot of sense to really figure out the output part of your diet.

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