February 28, 2024

the-biggest-loser.gifI know that all this season we have been seeing ads along the bottom of the screen during the Biggest Loser Couples that they are looking for more people for next season of the Biggest Loser and now NBC finally announced that we will get another series of the Biggest Loser families edition.

NBC has announced The Biggest Loser: Families — the reality -loss series’ sixth-season — will be part of the network’s Fall 2008 primetime programming schedule with 90-minute episodes airing in the Tuesdays at 8PM ET/PT time slot.

The Fall 2008 installment of the Biggest Loser will be a “family edition” featuring teams consisting of two family members each, with the minimum age requirement being 18-years-old.

The Biggest Loser: Couples’ second installment — which will consist of teams of two that can include any two contestants with a pre-existing relationship — is now scheduled to air as part of NBC’s 2008-2009 midseason primetime programming lineup in the Tuesdays at 8PM ET/PT time slot.

Alison Sweeney will reprise her hosting role for The Biggest Loser: Families, which will also include trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

I have been wondering if we would be seeing Kim Lyons again. I am a little sad as it seems that Kim Lyons got pushed out by Jillian Michaels coming back but it will be the Bob and Jillian show again it looks like.

I was looking around today and it looks like Kim Lyons is promoting her new book but nothing coming on TV soon.

4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Families – again

  1. The show is coming back in the fall. apparently it will be another Biggest Loser Couples type show like we had this past season. I am looking forward to it too!

  2. I am interested to see what they do if Jillian is only back for one season. She won this season…again so maybe she is going to try to win one more and retire as champ of the trainers

  3. From what I’ve heard & read, Jillian had only agreed to do one more season after the current one so you may end up seeing Kim again for the next Couples edition.

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