April 24, 2024

Wow, I watched last weekd Bigggest Loser on the weekend and I expect we will see a lot of tears tonight as the teams start to really start to have to rely on their team mates. There really was a lot of stuff going on last week on the Biggest Loser and just as a recap lets look at what is going to have to happen tonight. Usually I have been hating the badly edited 2 hour episodes, especially when thecreators of the shows think that the Jello and Pizza commercials made us forget the last half an hour of TV and have to recap everything after a commercial break. But tonight will be an interesting Biggest Loser episode.

Black Team – The black team had a 24 hour luxury day where the got masssages, drank, ate fatty food, smoked and carried on till late in the night. We all though they would pat the price but they kind of didn’t andwon the weigh-in although they just barely won it. I think america hated the black team. There are millions of people across the US that would love to put their lives on hold for just a few weeks to unconditionally change their lives and here they were just taking it for granted and then trying to keep it a secret from Jillian.

Tara – Tara is a superstar in my books, nothing gets her down. Well last week Tara lost nothing. She was shocked and crying but it could have had a lot to do with what happened when she was away eating and drinking with the reast of the Black team. She will have to regroup and see if that one night really was the only problem.

Jillian – Will continue being Jillian, she got pissed at the black team for being out and really reemed them out. But, she has to build some kind of a bridge between the Samoans, Sione and Filipe, who trained with Bobs Blue team after Jillian ignored them in the training the week before.

Filipe – Well Filipe is mad and trying to train with Bob again but really Jillina is his trainer. This will need to be resolved and he and Jillian will probably have to have it out again. What the hell happened last week. That was some real drama. Filipe and Sione were eating badly and I guess he reacted badly to being attacked by Jillian for it but he snapped and screamed at her for not training him and left. Going to be fun to watch the end of this maybe.

Aubrey – After some klind of strange double cross Aubreys sister Mandi voted herself out so that the Black team would not vote out her sister Aubrey. Tonight poor Aubrey will need to see how it is to train by herself without her sister.

The rest of the teams? I am sure they will cause some drama of their own.

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  1. I love the show and I think they do a fantastic job of encouraging everyone on it. It would be even better for them to check in with them more often when they leave the show to track their progress rather than just the one time…

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