February 28, 2024

Matt Hoover Suzy PrestonOn the eve of the newest season of the Biggest Loser my wife just found a story on the People magazine website that apparently Matt and Suzy from last seasons Biggest Loser just got married this past weekend. Last season I did not remember these guys being together although they were very supportive during the final few months while working out at home and in the studio for the finale.

According to People Magazine:

At the wedding the bride wore a white beach wedding dress by Renée Strauss featuring a sash and a Tacori crystal broach. She also wore her grandmother’s diamond stud earrings and diamond pendant necklace. Hoover dressed in khaki linen pants with a white buttoned-up shirt rolled at the sleeves. Both the bride and groom went barefoot to the ceremony.

The couple, who are both 30, called the wedding’s tropical location “beautiful.” They will also spend their honeymoon in Jamaica. For their reception, instead of a cake, the pair planned to serve homemade cupcakes baked by the bride and a friend.

Matt Hoover, a former wrestling coach from Iowa, popped the question to Seattle-based Suzy Preston, a hairstylist, live on the Today show in March – while both were in their workout gear. (Preston thought they were there for a fitness segment.)

Dropping to his knee in New York City’s Rockefeller Center plaza, Hoover said, “I have gone through a lot of changes in the past year. … I want to keep changing, but I want you to be by my side.”

Taking a ring from Kraiko Diamonds out of his pocket, Matt Hoover continued, “I had this made for you.” Then he told a teary Suzy Preston, “I’d like to ask you to be my wife!”

Suzy Preston answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

What a nice story. I am sure that as these two said they have seen each other at their worst and I still remember the two of them last season.

Matt Hoover was really guarded and had problems in his life fighting with the fact that he was a competitive wrestler just a few years ago and let his body go. He wanted to do everything himself and although you felt for him you really wanted to scream at him to lean on everyone else to help support him. Matt ended up winning last season but just barely as he was competing with Suzy Preston who to my wife and I seemed a bit like a whining wimp in the first place. One we got to know Suzy’s character though we did start cheering for her and in the end we cheered for her to win against Matt and Seth..

2 thoughts on “Biggest Losers get married

  1. What do they have in common? I just wonder how long it will last, I mean, the only thing they have in common is they do not have anymore.

    Ah well, wish ’em luck!

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