March 5, 2024

A few weeks ago I decided to change face soaps. As I have mentioned before I use some stuff from the Body Shop, the tea Tree Oil face soap, it comes in a green botle and kinda smells but it seems to have worked pretty well for a long time.

Well I hunted around the grocery store to find something new. One of the things that i was looking for was some kind of exfolliant and clean and clear has these little balls in it that are supposed to scrape off that top layer of dead skin so that your pores do not get clogged. Another strong desire was something that would take off the oil and heal my skin at the same time, neither of these is easy but anytime that oil is pulled off your skin you are drying it and making it more susceptible to more acne.

So exfolliating, cleaning, healing, that shouldn’t be too tough, right?

I ended up with Clean and Clear and because it seems to be popular I thought it would work well. You see one of the things that I do not do since my time back with tetracycline and Accutane is by brands becuase the marketing is expensiveusually leads to an inferior product.

So I bring the clean and clear home. I tried it in the shower and it smelled good, the little balls in the wash seemed to be a little rough on my skin like I wanted and afterwards my skin felt clean, I guess clean and clear.

The trouble is that over time the effect was not what i was looking for. After three days the Clean and Clear dried my skin out too much and my acne actually got a lot worse. After even days of using clean and clear my skin was as dry as before, a little too dry maybe. After I had used the clean an clear for two weeks my acne was the worst that it had been in at least a few months and I was careful with my eating now for a few weeks so I didn’t think that this was a food based flareup at all.

Well, the Clean and Clear is now in the garbage. I have gone back to the safety of my Body Shop soap for now and will always remember that bad reaction to the Clean and Clear on my skin.

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