May 25, 2024

Would you like to find your lifes purpose? Learn what it really is that you were put on this earth to do? Would you like to discover the real reason for your existence?

It is believed that everyone has a purpose.

Many of us do not realize this and some people can live their whole lives and never find your lifes purpose.

However, once you have found your life purpose, you will know. You will feel it on a deeper level, and you won’t be able to imagine ever doing anything else. Think about the job you do, and the activities you undertake on a regular basis.

Do they fire you with energy and boundless enthusiasm, or do you feel as though something’s missing? If your life does not make you feel fulfilled then you have yet to discover your life purpose.

Find Your Lifes Purpose

find your lifes purpose
find your lifes purpose

So how do you find your lifes purpose? The first step is to set aside some time to do a little exercise. Don’t worry, this will be quite easy.

Choose a time when you won’t feel rushed, or distracted by outside influences. Try to relax, and empty your mind of everyday thoughts; it may help to listen to some calming music.

Take a few blank sheets of paper, and on the first sheet write ‘Who Am I?’

On this sheet you will write whatever comes into your head; your skills, strengths, anything special you have done so far. Many people find it difficult to recognize what they do well; write down everything you can think of, no matter how small it may seem.

On a second sheet of paper, write ‘What Am I Passionate About?’

On this sheet, write down all your hobbies and interests, things you love about your current job, anything which makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Don’t be tempted to censor your list if you think a passion is impractical or inappropriate- write down everything as it comes to you.

On a third sheet of paper, write ‘What Is My Life Purpose?’

Write down anything and everything that comes into your mind; again don’t be tempted to try to censor your thoughts. Just keep writing until you have an answer that feels ‘right’ and creates some emotion within you.

You probably won’t get an answer straight away, and you may even receive your answer in stages. If anything you write starts to generate some feeling or emotion within you, you are on the right track and may have received part of your answer.

The key is to get writing- even if you think that this is a waste of time or won’t work, write down your thoughts on this and take it from there. Let your thoughts dictate what you write, no matter what track they take; just relax and go with them.

Find Your Lifes Purpose in 3 Pages

It may take you twenty minutes or you may still be writing over an hour later, but eventually you will find your lifes purpose. When you have managed to clear your mind sufficiently, the right answer will come, and you will know it from the emotion it evokes within you.

Once you find your lifes purpose, you can then start to plan how you are going to live it.

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  1. Bill,

    Thanks for the post on finding life purpose. The type of process you describe is what the True Purpose community refers to as “purpose hunting”- a process of taking the time to look back at your life through “purpose-colored glasses”. It is certainly a worthwhile exercise and a great place to start. For those interested in deeper work, I recommend pciking up a copy of Tim Kelley’s book or attending one of his seminars. Knowing the full details of your life purpose is immensely rewarding.
    Find out what you were really meant to do:
    Tom Rausch

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