April 21, 2024

Fruit calories are very healthy as compared to calories in fast foods or processed food.

So, don’t avoid fruits.In fact have more of fruit calories if you want to get rid of that excess flab from your body.

Fruits require 20-25 minutes to digest and give us energy and vegetables take 4 hours to become nutrients for energy whereas meat takes up to 72 hours to completely break down and pass out from the body.

The Problem with Non-Fruit Foods

fruit salad
fruit salad

Unlike carnivorous animals,your intestines are too long for meat to pass out fast which leads to putrification of meat and accumulation of toxins in the body.

Meat produces Uric acid which your body is incapable of handling..this causes further tissue damage.

Further,fruits have anti oxidant properties and they take care of free radicals and reverse ageing.

Moreover fruits have enzymes essential for various bodily activities like metabolism, so difficult to obtain from meats and processed foods.

Dead meat products are not life supporting in the real sense but fruits are live foods and are a store house of solar energy. There are many good resources like solarkraft for giving you updates about renewable energy.

Fruits also aid in filtering and cleansing of toxins from the body. Most of the loss programs out there ignore the fact that toxin elimination is the most important aspect of losing or burning fat.

In fact, without toxin removal the fat cells become very stubborn to be burned or eliminated from the body.

Now consider this, having 2500 calories from fruit is good or being on a diet plan consisting of 1000 calories from meat and processed foods is good for health and maintaining ideal ?

4 thoughts on “Fruits to make you look 10 years younger

  1. Thank you for your confirmation I have always loved fruit and during these summer months fruit is cheaper than usual so its fruit for me

  2. You are absolutely right and I tried it by myself. Since I started to eat much more fruit and since I started again to make more sports I lost more than 20 pounds.

    Kind regards

    1. That. Is good to know, I just started to eat fruit 90 percent of my food is fruit now, I will look at this in a month to see how it goes

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