April 25, 2024

Acne is most prevalent is teens and can last up until your late 20s, commonly. Acne treatments can be chemical based and very harsh on your skin or have unpleasant side effects. There are things that you can do, without resorting to medications or heavy duty chemicals to get your skin back to clear and clean again. Here are the top tips we found and listed for you.

Household Acne Cures

1. Nutmeg & Milk – Take some Nutmeg in a cup or jar and boil some milk. Slowly add the boiled milk until you make a thick paste. Apply this paste directly to the acne. Doing this a few times a day has been known to produce excellent results.

2. Turmeric & Neem – Mix together these two ingredients and place it on the affected areas of your face. Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes and then wash off with a gentle soap. Repeat once or twice a day until your acne has cleared.

3. Coconut Oil – Mix together coconut oil, turmeric and thick curd into a good heavy paste. Apply this to your face. Coconut oil has been said to be very effective in curing acne.

4. Honey & Cinnamon – Take some cinnamon and slowly add honey so you get a thick paste. Before you go to bed, apply this paste to it and sleep the night through. In the morning, wash off the paste with a gentle soap or cleanser.

5. Toothpastes – Placing toothpaste on your acne before you go to bed and washing it off in the morning has produced many good results for people.

6. Cucumber – This vegetable has been used in salons and spas for a long time. If you make a paste out of it and place it on your face, it will have acne curing properties. Leave the paste on for an hour. This is very pleasant feeling remedy.

7. Salt & Vinegar – Take some salt in a cup or jar and add vinegar until you get a paste. Add this paste to your face and wash it off with lukewarm water. Be sure to be gentle when applying this paste to your face.

8. Castor Oil – Castor oil can reduce the discoloration of the pimples so they are less noticeable. This will also help clear off any of the excess oils on your skin after washing it off.

9. Rose Water & Lime Juice – Mix these two together and gently rub your face with it. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash it off with water.

Use any of these methods together or by themselves and find a few that give you results. You can prevent any worsening of the condition by applying all of these remedies to your whole face, rather than just the infected areas. These simple home tips let you get all the benefits of having a clear face from acne and never using any harsh chemicals against your all important skin.

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