April 24, 2024

As I have mentioned a few times before and offered bonuses upon, there are three diet, loss, or health improving plans that I have reviewed. The plans are really very different from each other and I often get questions about which is the best based on a persons attitude and often which is the best of the three for me. These plans are:

Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle

Fat Loss for Idiots

Turbulence Training

I have a lot of questions coming at me about which of these is the best and I wanted to make sure that I answered these questions before I move on to writing about any other plans and programs in the future.

Any loss program to me has two components, exercise and diet. Here is where the above diets sit in those categories.

Diet and Eating

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle has a full diet program that goes on for over 100 pages. The diet is lower in carbs and higher in protein and even fat a bit with a ratio that has 30% protein, 50% carbs and 20% fats. The basis of the diet is the idea that your eating is never in a calorie deficit so you are never starving. The drawback is that you need to learn for yourself what to eat which means you have a bit of a learning curve but also a lifelong skill in choosing good food.

Fat Loss for idiots is about the same kind of ratios and you try to get all of your food from easy to find food in the supermarket. The diet is very easy to follow really and is successful because you are told what to eat and why is not quite as important. The other difference between this and almost any other diet that I have seen is that fat loss for idiots is really cycled with a few days on the diet and then a few days off the diet. This is a method that i am sure people will start to notice the success of and we will see a lot more in popular diets.

Turbulence Training has the same kind of eating and some of the same education as the Burn the Fat program but not really at the same level, Craig Ballantyne is really committed though in letting you know what is right and what is not right in the plan.

Workout Plan

Burn the Fat and Turbulence Training are the leaders for workout plans. Burn the fat stresses high numbers of sets per bodypart to build muscle and cardio to burn fat. Turbulence training is more centered around circuit training and fast but very hard workouts to lose and gain some muscle at the same time. I believe that burn the fat would take longer per week and gain you more muscle but in the less time Turbulence training would lose you fat just as fast in a shorter period of time.

Fat Loss for idiots does not focus on exercise but instead says that you will lose faster if you get some exercise, and they encourage some walking everyday. This is better for people not interested in joining a gym.

Which Weight Loss plan is best?

I hate this part of this multi-review because I am really wishy washy.

It all comes down to your priorities. As far as diet works all three of these plans will help you lose if you follow them and commit to doing whatever it takes to lose weight.

Are you going to workout? You need to be honest with yourself when it comes to this. If you are going to workout then Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle will give you great muscle gains and Turbulence Training will get you the results in less workout time per week.

If you know that exercise is not a priority for you right now then I really have to encourage you not to bang your head against the wall with guilt about it and just stick to the proven plan of Fat Loss for Idiots.

No matter what your choice is, I am happy if you make the choice of change. It is always easy to stay with the status quo whatever that is but life is so much more exciting when you seek to change and then commit to that change and diet and exercise are a great way to make changes that you may need to make anyway so why not make them now.

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  1. One think that i look for carefully is the way you eat while you are a on a fitness regime. I tend to balanced both fo them so not loose in excess

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