April 25, 2024

It is a great idea to do back exercises at home if you want to improve your core strength and overall fitness. Many people ignore the back when they are working out, just because they cannot see it. Instead, they want to develop firm abs or strong biceps and triceps that look good in the mirror.

But forgetting about your back is dangerous. Overdeveloping the abs and chest without strengthening the muscles of the back can lead to injuries that could throw out your program for weeks or even months.

Plus, remember that even if you cannot see your back, other people can! So it is important for looking good too.

Back Exercises At Home
Back Exercises At Home

A quick warning. If you are wanting to do back exercises at home because you have some back or neck pain or injury, then you should see a doctor or back pain specialist before doing any fitness program.

The exercises that we describe here are intended for people who are in good health with no back pain or past injuries.

There are three main muscle groups that we need to consider when doing Back Exercises At Home. These are:

Back Exercises At Home- Muscles to Work

1. Traps (trapezius), which run from the neck across the shoulder blades. A second important group of upper back muscles is the rhomboids.

2. Lats (latissimus dorsi), which means ‘broadest muscle of the back’. These are triangular, with one point under the arm, another at the spine above the waist, and the third at the top of the hip.

3. Erector spinae, which run either side of the spine. When they are strong they help to prevent lower back pain and injury.

The Best Back Exercises At Home

Upper Back Pain
Upper Back Pain

The ‘bent over row’ is a great back exercise for traps, rhomboids and lats that you can do at home, either with or without weights.

If you have dumbbells that you can use when you do back exercises at home, take one in each hand and bend forward from the waist with knees slightly bent.

Your back can be anywhere between a 45 degree angle and 90 degrees (parallel with the floor); arms straight down but without locking the elbows.

If you do not have dumbbells you can use small plastic bottles filled with water.

Lift and then lower the weights in a steady rowing motion, bending the elbows until the upper arm is in line with the body. Lower arms still hang straight down. Try to keep shoulders relaxed, not up around the ears.

Aim for up to 3 sets of 5-16 reps.

For the erector spinae and lower back, try ‘good mornings’.

Stand with feet about hip width apart, knees slightly bent and arms stretched overhead. You can use dumbbells or water bottles if you want to.

Bend forward, keeping the back straight and abs braced. Keep the arms in line with the torso so at the end you are bent with the arms stretched out in front, torso and arms parallel with the floor, and face down looking at the floor. Raise back up and repeat.

Start with just 1 set of 5 or 10 reps with no or a light , and gradually increase to up to 3 sets of 10-16 reps with medium weights.

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It is important to work all of the muscles of the back so that none are left weak and susceptible to injury. Be sure to do a variety of back exercises at home.


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  1. Another good back exercise that can be done at home using a barbell, dumbbells or one dumbbell, or even elastic resistance is the pullover. If you have elastic tubing it’s also possible to to pulldowns at home.

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