April 24, 2024

lifting at homeSo can you do weightlifting at home? That is, can you effectively work and build all of the necessary muscles to have a toned, sculpted and overall big muscular body without all of the specialized equipment that you will find at a gym?

Can you do weightlifting at home?

Of course, you could set up a home gym with your own equipment and then there would be no problem following a routine for weightlifting at home. But let’s assume that you do not and cannot have a fully equipped home gym. What are the bare essentials that you need for effective lifting?

Unfortunately you are not going to be able to do lifting at home successfully with no equipment at all. There is no way that you can hope to build serious muscle mass without some weights.

Dumbbells are cheap and easy to store in the smallest apartment or dorm room. If you really do not even have the money for those – for example if you are a teen with no job and a tiny allowance – then you could start out by using plastic water bottles, the kind that you can easily grip in the middle. However, you will soon want to move up in the weights, so plan on saving your allowance or asking for a set of dumbbells for your next birthday, Christmas or as a random gift from any family member who is feeling generous.

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Hint: you will find that family members are much more likely to buy stuff for you if they can see that you are going to use it and get the value out of it. If you ask before you even start working out, they may say no automatically. If you ask after you have been working out regularly for a month, the answer may be very different.

The next thing that you will need is a flat/incline adjustable bench. This will cost you a little more and it takes up more storage space too but it greatly increases the number of exercises that you can do. The bottom line is that an adjustable bench is going to be essential if you plan on doing any serious lifting at home.

Finally, a barbell with a set of barbell weights completes the basic equipment. You can manage with either dumbbells or a barbell, you do not strictly need both, but if you have the space and a few more dollars this can add variety to your workout.

What kind of exercises weightlifting at home?

Your workout can then include bench press exercises with and without weights, and the full range of dumbbell or barbell exercises (rows, curls, extensions and raises). Be sure to plan your routine so that you are covering different muscle groups each time. Do not work out every day but have two or three rest days in the week.

So how long will it take before you see results? It would be great if we could bulk up overnight, but that simply does not happen. Be patient, keep to your routine as you planned it for lifting at home and you should start to see results in a couple of weeks.

1 thought on “How to do weightlifting at home

  1. We promote different brand of working out at home. That starts and ends by free style lifting from the floor to overhead.

    The person starts with warming up and progresses gradually to heavier lifting as his condition permits.

    Beating up every muscle by machines, dumbbells, and barbells is not our line of thinking. We prefere including the lower back in every workout by standing on your own feet and gripping the bar with your own hands, with little or no machines.

    We call that axial strength training because it targets the bone frame rather than swelling isolated muscles.

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