April 21, 2024

I have mentioned before and I am sure I will mention again the idea that you need to eat small meals several times a day and most importantly you need to plan your meals and meal times. I can tell a story to illustrate this.

On Thursday I went into work and before I got a chance to sit down I got called out to another building for a meeting.

My regular morning starts with a bagel and jam and then another snack halfway between then and lunch but not today.

I got to the first meeting (a little foreshadowing here) and had a cup of coffee, the meeting went long and I got dragged into another long meeting. By the time my first two meetings were done it was 11:30 and my wife called me to invite me to lunch at the Olive Garden.

I accepted, had an apple and then went to the Olive Garden were I stuffed myself.

After eating too much for lunch I dragged myself through the afternoon and then finally ate a couple pieces of pizza for dinner at 8:00 and went to bed at 10:30.

How to Plan Your Eating Better

Thursday had to be my worst eating day in months. I had two crappy quality meals and nothing much else. Not a proud day for me that is for sure.

So how do you get around these kinds of eating days? Well there are a few ways:

  • The night before plan what and when you will eat the next day
  • Have three meals planned and good healthy snacks that are easy to make
  • When you start your day make sure that you have a good look at your calendar so that you know if anything will get in the way
  • Do not bring any extra treats, if you have them you will eat them first (I would)

One of the things that I really do is to usually follow these rules and after next to no time you do not have to worry about eating these bloating giant meals and your energy will be more balanced and higher on a regular basis .

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