April 24, 2024

As soon as summer hits, people, especially women, start thinking about weight loss. The trouble is that there are questions to ask before starting a diet

This is that time of the year when they start working on their body in the hope that by the time Christmas arrives (or maybe even before that), the extra burden of fat would be gone forever and they would be able to flaunt their slimmer and sexier bodies to their friends and beaus.

These women usually go for the common route of dieting for weight loss.

At the same time, there is also a section of women who are already dieting. They are in a dilemma over whether to continue dieting or quit it forever, because the results they are getting are either absolutely disappointing or far from what they expected from the diet program.

this months dietNo matter which group you belong to, if you wish to lose weight this summer with the help of dieting, this article is the answer for you.

Even before you choose to diet, you need to make sure that you are fit for it, both mentally and physically.

Questions To Ask Before Starting A Diet

1. You are not a great foodie and don’t mind restrictions on your food choices: It is no secret that almost all modern diet programs would restrict your food intake in one way or other.

Usually, your junk food intake would be curtailed drastically. Now, this shouldn’t pose a big hurdle for you if you’re not a “power junk food eater”. If you eat junk foods only once in a blue moon then living without them won’t be a big issue for you.

2. You are not an emotional eater: Emotional eating is one of the leading causes behind obesity. Many a time people eat gobs of junk foods not out of hunger but rather to satisfy themselves mentally or to derive comfort from those foods.

People who have been ditched by their lovers, had an angry fight with their spouse or parents, or are faced with financial crisis, usually resort to eating tasty junk foods in the hope that those foods would make them feel happier.

13 killer weight loss foodsThe reality though is that junk foods make their bodies more uncomfortable than comfortable, and at the end of it all, they acquire a huge, fat belly.

Now, if you don’t eat for emotional reasons then the usual dietary restrictions shouldn’t be a reason of concern for you.

3. You take interest in detailed record-keeping and analytics: When you are dieting, you would need to maintain a food journal and keep track of what you are eating and when.

You would need to keep track of each and every morsel you are putting into your mouth. Snacks, meals, occasional junk food eating, eating at a friend’s party etc., should be recorded in minute details in your journal.

Additionally, if your diet program is based on the “calorie counting method” of dieting, you need to count calories of each and every piece of food you eat. You need to cook foods in a way that they don’t go over your allotted calorie limit.

Now, if you don’t mind doing all these things then dieting is definitely the BEST choice for you.

1 thought on “Is Dieting the Right Choice?

  1. Bill,
    Thanks for this article. I am not over but am self concious of certain parts of my body- legs, stomach. I am a fan of eating, and despite my attempts haven’t managed to cut down on my snacking. I have started eating a little more healthily, but only to an extent. I don’t mind doing exercise when time permits, but get tired of typical everyday runs and normal exercises. My standard of fitness isn’t too bad. Can you suggest what I can do to cut down on the couple extra pounds which stop me from being completely confident in a way that will keep me interested?
    Many thanks!

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