March 2, 2024

health tip listHere is a few more good Top 5 type articles from Top 5 – Group Writing Project Day 4 that I took part in a few days ago. Hope you enjoy them!


One writers reasons why Gluten free is the way to be
Gluten Free Mommy ยป Top Five Reasons I Look Great on a Gluten Free Diet

How to make real change
Want To Make Real Change? Stop Making These 5 Mistakes


Top ways to get fit…one of many I might add.
Top 5 Ways to Get (and Stay) Fit!

Simple and beginning meditations
The Easiest Meditations – Spirituality Applied to Life – Balanced Life Center

Myths about self help – with reference to “The Secret”
Necessary Skills: Top 5 Self-Help Myths

You know how much I like food so this one was an easy pick for me
Top 5 Desserts on

Why Cyclists shave their legs – and no I don’t but maybe this weekend…..
UltraRob’s Adventures: Top 5 Reasons Cyclists Shave Their Legs

1 thought on “More top 5 fitness lists

  1. This iron man thing is just way crazy.
    I’ve actually thought about having this as a goal when i was younger, but I
    never got to be anywhere near where i needed to be to even consider it.

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