April 21, 2024

health tip listAs I mentioned yesterday there is a blog writing contest, well kind of a contest going on where people are writing articles on their top 5… whatever they want. I have included this list from that list to let you peruse other articles, mostly fitness, that I liked.

Here is the home page for darrens blog writing project
Top 5 – Group Writing Project Day 2

Great basics on staying or keeping in shape – with a great looking picture
5 Back-to-Basics Strategies For Renewing Your Energy at Ririan Project

Of course as a home beer brewer I had to add a page on beer making that I found in the list
5 Reasons Why I Make Wine and Beer

How to get your body aligned so that it works better
NPA Think Tank: Top 5 Physical Therapist Recommended Body Hacks

Start your day with a bang
5 Top Ways to Jumpstart Your Brain in the Morning

Change your life starting with a good powerful morning
orangtuamurid.info » Blog Archive » Start your days with 5 new positive habits

I may seem like a prude sometimes, but exercise and sex seem like a great mix
Anna’s Fitness Blog : The Top 5 Ways Exercise Will Get You Laid!

New motherhood is sometimes a challenge and this list of help with 5 list of 5 should help all those mothers that suffer like my poor wife did after the birth of our first.
Babylune – My Postpartum Top Five Top Fives

Good long tips of how to imrove your health – You may have read these same kinds of things on my blog but another perspective is great to read
edshealthtips.com » Blog Archive » The Five Keys to Optimal Health

This is my favorite list of today of exercises that you can do at home
Top 5 gym free exercises

Productivity is the key to an easier and more effective life and this list is a great primer on how you can make improvements yourself
The best life hacks I’ve found so far at [MacStansbury]

Yummy, yummy, yummy, here are 5 foods that you can eat on a diet that tasted great
Top 5 Diet Food Obsessions – Diet and Weight Loss Programs

My acne list of course – cause I wrote it
Top five steps to curing your acne problems

Skin care is one of my new obsessions now that I have past age 40, here is a list of 5 skin care regimens
Beauty and Fashion Tech: Top Five Kinds of Skin Care Products for any Skin Type

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