April 21, 2024

Well I threatened to do a week of fitness to tune up for Spring and I am really just going to run it off the cuff. The idea is that I will come up with a few short posts, well fairly short for me anyway, and give you a chance to look forward towards Summer and start your outdoor or at least your transition to outdoor fitness now.

Oh, and it was snowing last week in Calgary so I may be being overly optimistic about Spring,

Spring into fitness week
Spring into fitness week

I want to let you think about what this season is about and ask you some questions that you can think about as the week and next few months goes.

Partners and Troublemakers

First I want you to look at the people around you and the people that you may need. You need a support system and people to lean on and help yourself. At home my wife works out regularly and she also eats really really well.

This helps me a lot.

There is a real feeling of fitness as a lifestyle and working out as a way of life in my house and she if really careful with what she eats and feeds the rest of the family (thanks so much Michelle).

I know that I have it good. What are the people in your life like? Do they see the benefits of eating well and exercising? Do they have a vision of how they want to feel and experience things in life?

If this is a problem for you it is easy enough in the Spring to join a running club, biking or hiking club, or even fitness boot camp classes so that you can meet like minded people.

Don’t be shy and don’t be lonely because it will only hurt you. Besides, the people joining these are often looking for other people to push them as well. It is a great opportunity to meet great people.

Troublemakers on the other hand are difficult. If you have people around that are negative, eat badly, let there fitness go then you need to insulate yourself. Let these people know how excited you are to make changes or more changes in your life and when you see results show them, don’t be bragging or anything but show them what is happening and don’t expect any congratulations in return, you can help them in this part of your life more than they can help you.

If you are struggling or having trouble you can always lean on the people that are living the same way as you, the people in the clubs you have joined or in blog comments on this blog, on the Facebook page, or other messageboards.

Remember that no matter how excited or how let down you feel over the next few weeks these problems are just small daily emotions. Work through them and the next 8 or 12 weeks will be a great and exciting journey.

Enough for today, have a great day and post what you think below in the comments on this topic.

1 thought on “Spring Into Fitness Week – Day 1

  1. It is pretty hard to separate yourself from your immediate surroundings. My and fitness has just about always fluctuated with my partners habits. That said having someone who is just supportive is really key.

    That way they are more likely to do what they can to help rather than to sabotage (consciously or otherwise) what you’re trying to achieve. Having a partner who is going to be happy to see you succeed is probably one of the best things you could ever ask for.

    Much love to my darling,
    Get fit, have fun!

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