May 19, 2024

Well today I want to write about eating again. I know that I seem to always be talking about eating and exercise and today is the eating portion.

Drinking Water – While you are getting ready for Spring and Summer and the outdoor weather you have to remember that often the humidity is lower outside and you may need to increase your water intake. Do you already drink a lot of water? I find that it makes a huge difference in my energy when I am drinking a lot all day long.

Fruit and Vegetables
Fruit and Vegetables

Berries and fruit are popping up as well. We have been eating a lot of variety of berries all Winter but they are so expensive that I know lots of people are missing out. Getting the fruits and veggies that you need will give you the energy you need and gives you lots of extra water and nutrients, and antioxidants.

The other great thing about Spring and the new fruits and veggies is the different ways that you can eat them. I have both a blender and a juicer and like to make great drinks that are full of lots of nutrients.

Also remember as you are eating all this fruit that you are getting some calories from the fruit but not as many as from denser food like carbs (see that below) so your caloric intake may actually go down as you are getting more exercise from getting outside and living a more active life.

White Carbs – If you are looking to lose some (many people are), then one of the easiest ways for most people is just to cut down on the white carbs. White carbs to me are things like rice, potatoes and breads. I am not saying to get rid of it all but instead just cut back and see how it feels. Lots of people that try this are shocked at the increase in energy and loss at the same time and if you have any kind of gluten allergies that you don’t know about…well this would be great.

Finally crack out the barbeque. Mine has been frozen most of the Winter but eating some nice lean barbequed meat is great, increases your iron levels, helps your muscles heal and gets you outside into the sunshine.

Well hopefully these few tips help you out this week. Try and see how you can integrate them into your current lifestyle. Remember that it is the small changes made today that make for the big changes later. Think about this as you are making your move from Winter to Spring. The eating part is an easy transition as I always feel the fresh fruit of Spring and Summer totally beats the comfort food we eat to make up for the dark and cold of Winter.

You know what I would love to see? Some thoughts from you on what you like to eat in this transition to Spring from Winter. What foods are you really looking forward to and craving now that the days are getting longer and the fresh food of the grocery store is changing to more local stuff?

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