March 5, 2024

I was getting ready to write my monthly newsletter and when I looked at last months newsletter I thought that this content maybe of good use to many people now that the sunn is shining and the days are getting warmer.

If you have been working out all Winter then great, you should be fine, but if you have not been working out keep these five tips in mind over the next few weeks as Spring becomes running, biking, exercising, and eating season.

balance-life-fitness1. Stretching. I have mentioned this before but thought it would be good to go over it again and that is the idea of stretching smart.

When you start to exercise get your body temperature up and your muscles warmed up and do not stretch much at all.

Once you are warm you can stretch away and this will help you get more limber.

The problem with stretching at the beginning of a exercise session is that you can potentially pull a muscle and then be hobbled for a few weeks and unable to exercise at all.

2. Eating. When you are exercising and spending more time outside you are going to build a bigger and more healthy appetite.

I used to feel like I did not deserve to eat very much in the Winter as my exercise was all weights and no cardio but one I got the cardio going I would just be more naturally hungry.

So make sure you eat enough, and that is good food not junk food.

3. Start slow and work up. I remember the spring three years ago that I decided to be a runner and with no background or experience started running every day.

Because of my fitness that I already had I was doing really well but my knees were not strong enough and I ended up with bad knees that Spring and have not really been back to running since. (more on that in the next point.)

4. Try something new. If you are going to go out and do the same thing every year you are going to be bored. Why not take up a new sport.

There are lots of community leagues for people that are new to a sport to try out. You can play Tennis, Softball, mountain climbing, hiking, baseball, volleyball biking, running or even join a walking club.

Trying new sports helps you to build up your body and mind in different ways.

5. Rest enough. This time of year the sun is finally up early and setting late so there is a lot more day.

I know I have been neglecting my sleep and have been working and doing more with the day and not worrying enough about my rest and have started to pay the price.

I can push myself for weeks and then finally one day I start getting sick and am down for a couple of days. My wife sees it coming every time but I still have not learned to listen to her warnings.

Anyway that is all that I have to report this month. If you have any questions please email me at

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