May 19, 2024

I have been thinking about what people are telling me in emails and today I wanted to hit on a couple of things.

I want to talk about Outdoor health and I also want to talk about losing fat on your stomach. See how this goes.

Outdoor Health In Spring

Whenever we go outside we are bombarded with everything that the non-constructed outdoors has to offer and as great as it is it is also dangerous. I have a wrecked knee right now to prove that care is needed.

Here are a few things to think about

Spring into Fitness Week
Spring into Fitness Week

Shoes – Make sure that when you are exercising and travelling around outside that you are wearing good shoes with grip on the bottom.

Winter and the slippery sidewalks are over but there is also a problem with rain now and just bad footing on the dirt and grass.

Also if you have been running on a treadmill indoors it is much easier on your knees so you have to be careful with how you run outside.

Skin Care – There is wind and there is UV (ultraviolet) outside from the sun. To be careful you NEED to wear sunscreen.

Suncreen will trap the moisture in your skin to protect against the drying effect of the wind as well as protecting you against the sun.

Remember that if you are going to be outdoors for the day even in Spring you can get a sunburn so wearing a hat and loose clothes that cover your skin is a good idea.

I like to suntan in the Spring and Summer but if you do that as well it is a good idea to control the amount of sun you are getting. You can’t be running around in the sun underprotected all day so that hat and lotion are critical

Losing Stomach Fat

OK, I want to be clear about this stomach fat issue. If there is fat on your stomach you need to lower your fat level through diet.

You know lower your white carbs, drinking more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and try spacing out your meals more. Have 5 or 6 small meals instead of two giant meals a day. It is just a lot better for you.

I wrote an article a while back on How to get 6 pack abs a while ago that may help you out.

The other thing that you need to do is follow some great exercises for your core. Do crunches and leg raises 2 sets of 20 or 30 three times a week. Don’t neglect the rest of your core as well.

I make sure that I exercise my lower back and  my lower sides. If you have weak muscles then you will have a lot more flabbiness.

I know that in mid Summer we never feel like we have to worry about these things but at this time of the year it is important to not just burst out to the running path or park but instead to make sure you are ready for it.

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