April 25, 2024

If you are a woman and struggling to lose fast, this article would help you achieve your goal. Believe it or not, loss is pretty simple and straightforward; so if you have been struggling to lose for years and still haven’t been able to get anywhere near your target, stop following conventional loss techniques and just do what I say here.

1. Don’t drink anything with your meals: Do you know that you have digestive enzymes not only in your digestive system but also your mouth and esophagus? Do you know that when you eat your food, these powerful enzymes help in ‘pre-digesting’ your foods even before they reach your stomach. This means that you would be able to digest foods very quickly, which would naturally discourage your body from absorbing any more calories. Voila. You have just learned of a natural way to block fat storage.

Now consider this scenario: you drink some liquids with your meals. Those digestive enzymes which were present in your mouth and esophagus got washed away. Therefore, food will reach your stomach in totally undigested form. Your body will take more time to digest the food, which is not at all good news for you, especially when you are looking forward to losing weight. This is also the reason why people suffer from stomach aches and other indigestion problems.

Remember that you can always drink liquids a couple of minutes after finishing your meals-usually at least 5-10 minutes after meal; but definitely don’t drink anything WITH your meal.

2. Don’t ever skip your breakfast: I am sure you have heard of it countless number of times, but let me repeat it here again. When you sleep at night, your body usually slows down your metabolic rate so that it could save energy by turning it into fat. When you wake up in the morning, your body is craving for new nutrients and fresh energy. So you shouldn’t skip breakfast even if you don’t feel hungry, because your body has been FASTING throughout the night before, and breakfast is the only way to break this fast.

It is not at all good to keep your body hungry, because if you do, your body will start hording energy in the form of fat deposits. Your body would slow down your metabolism and stop the fat burning process because it would feel that it is in danger of being killed through starvation. So skipping breakfast would either keep your body as is, or move it up by a few more pounds.

It is also important that you eat only protein-rich foods such as eggs, lean chicken meat, etc., for breakfast. Protein helps in boosting your metabolic rate which in turn, helps you burn fat. Plus protein also builds strong lean muscles for you; remember that the more lean muscles you have, the faster you would burn fat and lose weight.

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