May 24, 2024

This weekend, well most of the weekend anyway, my son and I were hanging out together while my wife was out at a wedding Stagette with my daughter.

I haven’t posted about this before but Pokemon Go is a big hit with my son and I and with no rules we had lots of time to hang out, playing walking and riding around.

My son Jaiden is 12 and like any 12 year old kid he becomes obsessed with things pretty easily and drops them just as fast. He loves to play computer games and often it is difficult to get him out of the house, even with two parents that love to exercise.

Did I mention that he is obsessed with Pokemon Go?

So between noon yesterday and dinner tonight we were out, hanging out as a kid and dad together and trying to catch them all.

I am getting a bit tired and he seems to be keeping going really well.

It is pretty warm today and Jaiden hasn’t been drinking enough water so after dinner he was going to go out again and then late tonight.

My wife is very much against Jaiden going out at night by himself (a paranoid mom) so she said no!

Jaiden, like any 12 year old hates to hear no and is always looking for a reason instead of just NO. This led to him coming up with the best quote of the day

You can’t overdose on exercise mom

jaiden and exercise


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