April 12, 2024

It is a good thing that this is just a fitness blog because otherwise this subject could really scale out to a book or two in length.

What is your fitness excuse, why are you not eating or getting the exercise that you need?

I have flogged this one a bit but back in December I broke the axle on the back wheel of my bike. Of course it was a little cold and a week until Christmas so I did not get it fixed. I spend January trying a couple of times to fix it and the giving up. In February I started thinking about buying a new bike and then finally in March I got serious and realized that I did not want to spend money on a new bike and instead took my bike wheel, in pieces to a bike shop to get it fixed. The bike shop has been busy and so finally on Saturday I got the wheel back, put it on the bike and today I rode to work for the first time in three months.

Oh, and the cost of fixing my wheel? $19.32

So now we have my excuses. For all these months I have worked out on and off but mostly off because I was not motivated and also because I have not had a schedule that was committed to exercise. These two reasons alone are what stop people from getting things done everywhere in life but with exercise and eating you can have a very fast improvement in your health just by setting things up right.

So what should you do?

1. Every evening decide how you will set up tomorrow. When will you exercise? What will you be eating. What goals do you have for the day?

2. Every morning look back at the plans that you made last night and make sure that you are starting your day as planned. Are you working out this morning? What is breakfast and what are you packing for lunch? The morning is the perfect time to start your day on track.

I know that excuses about fitness are really easy to make because I make them myself. If I would have been making less excuses and looking more towards my exercise as something that HAD to be done I am sure that I would be in better shape and much more happy with how I feel than I am today.

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