April 24, 2024

There are many kinds of diet pills on the market, I will try to explain what the difference between them is and how you can better choose, if you do decide to choose what kind of diet pill is best for you

Diet and exercise are key

Before I start with the kinds of diet pills I have to admit that I am not a fan at all of diet pills in general because for most people it is much easier to lose by eating well and exercising. As we all know it can be a challenge to eat well or exercise but I am convinced that these are going to help 90% of the people out there. I will link to a diet and exercise hub as soon as I create one.

Three kinds of diet pills

kinds of diet pills
kinds of diet pills

There are three kinds of diet pills. The first diet pill is the kind that raises your metabolism; this is a kind of upper and will have an effect more like caffeine then anything. The next kind of diet pill is designed to stop you from getting hungry, this is an appetite suppressant. The third kind of diet pill is a much different, this kind of pill stops your body from metabolizing either fats or carbohydrates to try and make you not get penalized for what you eat. There is a fourth kind of diet pill, diuretics but these are not good at all for anyone’s diet as they get rid of water and as we all know water is essential to life. Do not take diuretics!

Metabolism raising diet pills

OK, first kind of pill raises your metabolism. This is an effective way to lose as the number of calories that you burn per hour at rest can make a big difference in how much you lose. Be prepared to be hungry though as your body will just naturally try to get you to eat more food to counteract this raised metabolism. The most common pills to do this either have ephedrine or ma huang or some kind of green tea.

Stopping hunger with diet pills

This one has been in the news a lot lately. Instead of worrying about the output of your body you control the input this way if you do not eat you should lose weight. The most popular diet pill on the market for suppressing your appetite is of course Hoodia. Hoodia seems to work but the problem is that if you go to Wal-Mart you will see lots of diet pills with Hoodia, the trouble is in the way all of these products have been created these is not much Hoodia in them at all and it is just mostly fillers.

Fat and carb blocking diet pills

The last kind of diet pill allows you to eat but what it does instead is not allow your body to metabolize either fats or carbs. I would lump these together as some diets say low carb and some diets say low fat. Your choice on what diet works best for you. These are kind of exciting as this is a whole new way to deal with loss and I would guess that you would quickly learn what you are doing wrong with your diet depending on which one of these works best for you.

There is a lot to learn about kinds of diet pills and whether they will work for you or not. My own advice is to go first with diet and exercise, these should work. If you still can not find a way to lose the continue with the good habits and then supplement with what you need. Is your metabolism slow? Do you binge eat sometimes? Does your body store the carbs or fat to easily? Good luck with your diet and loss goals.

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